Visually Mapping Best Practices with Mindjet
 Tired of the same ol, same ol' when it comes to collaboration? Mindjet's (news, site) new approach, complete with a visual twist, might be what you're looking for. 

There's a Map for That

Introducing, a user-generated website and online community for sharing best practices through MindManager information maps.

With, users can: 

Upload and Download Maps

Community members can upload their MindManager maps to the gallery, which can then be viewed by anyone through a Flash Player file, or downloaded for editing using Mindjet MindManager:




Action System Management map from

Share Maps

In addition to viewing and editing, users can also share their maps with social networks such as Twitter, Facebook, blog platforms, and e-mail. 

Building a Mapping Community

Basically, aims to be a YouTube for mind maps. With the site, mind mapping fans can connect with other users and share their successes and ways for improving business and life. 

“For businesses and individuals alike, the mapping community understands the tangible benefits of visualizing information,” said Scott Raskin, CEO of Mindjet. “With, we’re enabling the general knowledge worker to leverage the power of visual thinking and see how it can help them achieve more.”

The site is targeted at both experienced mappers and newbies, and you can get more information about it here