Web Content 2008
There are a lot of conferences on Web 2.0 happening this year. It's good to see people taking advantage of the knowledge, experience and insights of a number of industry professionals especially in the area of web content. And in the case of the conference hosted by Duo Consulting and TheContentWrangler.com -- Web Content 2008 -- this has definitely been the case. Our friends over at Chicago-based Duo Consulting have done another great job designing and promoting the Web Content event this year. As of a few days ago, the ship has sailed. The list is full. The show is sold out. Two weeks before the conference is to happen (June 17-18 in Chicago), they have closed the doors to new registrants. Web Content 2008 is a two day conference all about what else -- web content. Which means it covers things like website design, online marketing, search engine strategies, ecommerce and more. It's divided into two tracks: Web Content Strategies, Practices, and Standards and Web Content Tools and Technologies. Topics covered include online marketing, social media, open source and content management. There are a number of workshops, case studies and presentations in each track led by some of the industries most well-known content junkies including CMSWatch, Clickability, Crown Peak, Duo Consulting, comScore, Juniper Research, Atlassian, Google and many more. According to Michael Silverman of Duo Consulting, "We designed our Web Content Conferences as an intimate event, with a focus on learning and discussion : with this in mind, limiting the number of people becomes a necessary evil." They are working on getting bigger venues for the next set of conferences. If you live in or feel like visiting Clearwater, Florida you can hook up with the Web Content 2008 conference happening there February 17-18, 2009. We'd love to point you to the session details and registration page for the Chicago conference, but, well that would just be mean...And to push the knife in deeper, CMSWire reps will be there blogging the event. Oh well, you know what they say -- you snooze (or have a cheap boss), you loose.