1to1 Webinar on Social Media
Attending a lot of conferences on Web 2.0 and Enterprise 2.0 lately? Sure you've come away with some great information, probably a ton of potential vendor solutions and more consulting business cards then you've ever dreamed of having in your roledex. But are you still wondering how to implement social media on your website? 1to1 Media is having a Webinar that will be of interest to you: Get Past the Social Media Hype: Here`s how to create real value from online interactions. The free webinar will be held on Wednesday, July 16 at 2PM EST and is designed to teach you how to increase customer engagement and loyalty and drive up your marketing and sales metrics using the latest social media technologies: * Understand how to apply the basic of social media to your business * Learn how to select the right options and set objectives for your initiatives * Define how each social media technology will contribute to your success * Learn how to use these technologies to drive bottom line results. This is not a webinar about a specific social media technology or vendor. It is business focused showing you to take advantage of these new technologies that have become essential elements of any website design today. So if you still aren't sure how social media is helping drive your bottom line and bringing you in more customers, sign up and learn a little.