Wedge Networks BeSecure Web Security Gateway Prevents Social Network Attacks, Data Leaks
Social networks are often an easy target for malware authors because of the social aspect. Unsuspecting social network users are often too trusting of content and network contacts, and usually end up transmitting and receiving all sorts of malicious code. Wedge Networks (news, site) addresses this by killing off malware at the source with the BeSecure appliance, now available for social networks.

We earlier wrote about Wedge Networks' BeSecure web security appliance in the context of deep content inspection for detecting and removing malware from networks. While the original release focused on mobile, cloud computing and content management systems, Wedge Networks has updated its offering to include social networks. The BeSecure appliance ensures that content is delivered to the web or mobile audience free of malware and other security threats, and this goes for social mediums, too.

Social Media Riskier Than Email

Hongwen Zhang, Wedge Networks president and CEO, notes that social networks and social networking sites are 10% riskier than email when it comes to malware delivery, and enterprises should be proactive in protecting their networks from attacks.

Since prohibiting social media usage by employees is unrealistic, IT departments must find a way to maintain enterprise security without affecting the end-user's experience. The high-performance architecture of Wedge Networks BeSecure Web gateway provides Deep Content Inspection to eliminate content-based attacks and accurately monitors and controls the transmission of sensitive data. While complying with the same regulations governing email and the static web, BeSecure is able to safely protect organizations from risky social media threats."

Wedge Networks' BeSecure web gateway promises to help minimize the risk of users getting viruses, trojans, worms and other forms of malicious code through social networks. The malicious code is blocked, but clean content is allowed to pass through. The gateway features the following:

  • Application content is visible and accessible to the user, as these are not blocked outright. The gateway can apply flexible policies for users, apps and protocols according to the intent. The appliance actually tries to understand what an app or user plans to do, and does the blocking only when necessary.
  • The gateway uses Wedge Networks' Deep Content Inspection (DCI), which analyzes traffic real-time. DCI looks at the content from all points of the network, to eliminate malware and prevent potential infestation.
  • BeSecure can monitor and filter sensitive data, so it is not accessed by, or transmitted to, unauthorized users.

Stopping Malware at the Source

BeSecure's main highlight is its deep-content inspection technology that analyzes content real-time, and tries to determine the presence of malware based on intent and activity. This means that even malicious activities that don't necessarily contain previously identified code through heuristics and signatures can be caught. BeSecure also acts as an effective anti-spam tool, which is ideal for use in cloud deployments and datacenter networks.

BeSecure is a hardware appliance that service providers or IT managers can install onsite or throughout the datacenter infrastructure for configurable and updated network security.