Wetpaint Injected With Mega Investment Bucks

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Fresh, original content is a website's most valuable asset. It keeps users coming back, and most importantly, gives a website a higher search ranking and more ad sales. So when a service promises to add tons of fresh, user-generated content with only a few lines of code -- for free -- you can see why a lot of heads have been turning -- many of which have money to invest. Wetpaint, a Seattle-based wiki provider whose technology is used in almost a million social communities, has announced $25 million in venture capital funding for its new embeddable social publishing platform, Injected. The deal, which includes major investors like DAG Ventures, Trinity Ventures, and Accel Partners, brings total funding to around US $40 million.

Embeddable Social Publishing Made Easy

So what's all the fuss about? Wetpaint Injected is a basic SSI (Server Side Include) that puts a WYSIWYG editor in Web site with just a few lines of code. This lets users edit and create content, letting them add profiles, news and activity feeds, images, videos and widgets. The big deal is that the Wetpaint Injected system actually "injects" this user-generated content directly into a site's HTML data, letting search engines index the content in association with a corporate site. The philosophy behind Injected is simple: more unique content = more unique visitors = more revenue. Empowering users to create and add content to sites will help boost search results and online ad dollars. Best of all, it requires minimal work on the part of the site owner. This "zero cost creative potential" is one of Injected's greatest appeals. User content is search engine optimized, which will bring more traffic that should in turn, provide more user-generated content -- like the circle of life for the internets!Injected also integrates with a site's existing sign-on system so users who already have screen names for whatever reason can use them for the Injected service without any fuss.

Injected is Available Now

The service is now available upon request and is free for use on sites up to 100,000 impressions a month. After that, WetPaint takes 20% of a site's ad revenue. They also provide optional turn-key services, like enterprise support, editorial and moderation.Sites like Flixter, IGN.com and NuWire Investor are already deploying this new service, and many more are expected to follow suite. After all, who wouldn't want a ton of fresh, free content added to their site with such little effort? We expect sites that encourage group involvement and blend corporate information with user-generated content to become more and more common.Head over to Wetpaint Injected for more information.