Conference season is in full swing. While South By Southwest has dominated the news for a while, next week brings info360. Formally known as the AIIM International Conference and Expo, info360 will come to Washington, DC, and with it bring together thousands of business and IT professionals to learn about the changing and emerging technologies and their place in helping the enterprise drive business processes, collaboration, knowledge sharing and decision making. We’ll be covering it live and already our schedules are full of meetings and can’t-miss events.

What We’ll Be Watching

The conference features several keynotes by prominent CEOs and thought leaders, including Andy MacMillan, VP product management, Oracle; Aaron Levie, CEO and co-founder,; and Craig Rhinehart, director, products and strategy, IBM Enterprise Content Management. As well, we anticipate a few product announcements from vendors throughout the show.

Of course, with more than fifty sessions, main stage events and super sessions to choose from each day, it will take an efficient business process workflow to manage the entire conference. So that we don’t get overwhelmed by the opportunity to meet and greet every single vendor or company leader that walks by, we’re turning to you, dear readers, for some guidance.

Tell Us What You Want to Know

When it comes to business processes, collaboration (a topic we’ve been covering this month) and knowledge sharing, what information do you want to know? What questions should we be asking those developing new products? What new ideas and issues should thought leaders be addressing?

This is not to say that we don’t have our questions about the evolving role of IT professionals in a collaborative workforce, or the ways that iPads and smartphones are affecting mobile document management, to name a few. However, we want to make sure we’re asking the questions that are most relevant to your needs. Let us know in the comments section and stay tuned for our coverage next week – we’ll be live-tweeting and publishing daily reports