Zenprise Tries to Bring Serenity to Mobile Security Management

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Let’s consider for a moment that the security that controls your workforce's mobile devices is like an immune system. Is it healthy enough to fight off viruses or ward off risky infections? Fortunately, your security infrastructure isn’t an immune system, so you don’t have to rely on synapses to oversee your company’s mobile security. There are tools that do just that.

Finding Zen in Mobile Security Management

Enter Zenprise. Today, the mobile security management company released Mobile Manager 6.0 -- a mobile solution, which aims to protect business critical data across all aspects of the mobile management lifecycle. From small companies to large corporations, Zenprise wants to provide triple protection across devices, networks and across the enterprise to ensure nothing gets in or out that isn’t authorized.

We spoke to Ahmed Datoo, vice president of marketing at Zenprise, about the ways that Mobile Manager 6.0 intuitively monitors a company’s information. Whereas data was once conveniently contained within four wall, data can manifest where ever it wants, on desktops, laptops, mobile devices, in the cloud and beyond. Keeping track of it all is one thing, making sure that it’s secure is another. Such an undertaking requires that IT departments need to adjust accordingly, as sensitive data doesn’t just reside on location.

Dynamic Defense

With Dynamic Defense, Mobile Manager 6.0 can automatically detect and adjust security settings based on what it finds. As well, it can thwart cyber criminals. If a SIM card from a stolen mobile device is removed, Dynamic Defense can initiate a wipe within seconds of being reinserted, even from a local network.

Learning Opportunities

Secure Connect

By providing a dedicated connection between mobile applications and the enterprise, Zenprise’s Secure Connect lets companies take control and configure permissions and authorization across a wide section of their employees. With Secure Connect, companies can select the right package of controls to the specific group of employees, based on roles and responsibilities, rather than on an individual basis. As well, controls can be set by platform as well, should a variety of platforms or operating systems be in use.

Mobile Application Gateway

The Mobile Application Gateway provides a secure way for mobile applications to connect. Companies can control access to all corporate applications as well as report on all traffic to apps in use.

In 2010, the employee was mobilized. Datoo predicts that 2011 will be the year that mobilizes the enterprise. If that is true, and we suspect that it may be, the enterprise better get ready. Zenprise is one of the options if you're looking to enable the appropriate security controls necessary to manage the comings and goings of a growing mobile workforce.