Xythos Enterprise Document Management
Xythos have announced three significant updates today. Their SaaS document management workhorse, Xythos on Demand, has been reshod; while impending updates for Digital Locker and document manager Enterprise Document Management Suite have also been announced.

Xythos On Demand 2.0

Xythos on Demand is an online document management solution aimed at smaller businesses and organizational departments. Such enterprises may require a highly functional integrated document management solution, one which will slot right into their existing desktop software architecture, so that users can continue using the applications they are used to, the way they are used to. Such integration typically does not come cheap, and the solutions which offer this service are often software monsters which cost big money, require a lot of time to set up and maintain, and offer vast swathes of capabilities which will ultimately be redundant for the small business user. By offering doc management as an online service, Xythos do away with many of the problems surrounding the success of DM initiatives for small and medium-sized businesses, making central document management cheaper, faster and easier to attain. Features of the upgraded Xythos on Demand 2.0 * AJAX enabled, fully customizable web-based user interface * New Web wizards to automate the setting-up of shared workspaces * Integrated Wiki support, enabling a dynamic view of stored content, as well as conversations surrounding it * Offline synchronization and file access from desktop apps -- access and write to data from a single central repository, whether on-site or off. The new-look Xythos on Demand is available now, and you can try a trial version here.

Enterprise DMS 7.0 and Digital Locker 7.0

Meanwhile Xythos have also announced forthcoming updates to Digital Locker and Enterprise Document Management Suite. Both updates will be released before the end of the year. Both will feature enhanced business process automation capabilities, as well as support for Web 2.0 social networking features such as Wikis, blogs and content tagging. Xythos Enterprise DMS 7.0 has had a thorough refit, and its user interface given an AJAX facelift complete with Web 2.0 functionality, including dedicated right-click menus and customizable content and metadata views. But this makeover is not just about a wonderbra and a dash of lipstick -- there is architectural substance here too. Xythos’ enhanced adoption of open standards (e.g., JSR-170) has enabled the system to become a repository of record, which can integrate with other enterprise applications such as the enterprise ERP, human resources applications and learning management systems. Process automation features will include automatic event triggers and workflow templates, while other automation will include a folder creation wizard and a sharing wizard. Features highlights: * Ajax Based User Interface ** Right-click menus ** User-defined Layout ** Desktop to Web Drag and Drop * Social Networking * Integrated Wiki * RSS integration * Complete historical record ** Enhanced Search & Discovery Capabilities * Free-form File Tags * Upgraded Search and Bookmarks Ed Miller, CEO of Xythos, had this to say about the announcements: "As organizations become more interdependent they must improve how they externalize information without compromising its integrity. Web 2.0 technology helps Xythos customers evolve their collaborative capabilities beyond the firewall and provides them with a stronger foundation to manage vital content throughout its life cycle". Hey ho, sounds on the mark to us. And as a final update that was squeezed in this morning, Xythos will shortly announce integration of their Digital Locker and Enterprise Document Management Suites for Zimbra email users. Stay tuned for further info there.