More help for healthcare industry comes with the announcement that MRO Corp, a provider of release-of-information (ROI) and audit tracking software for the medical industry is now extending its reach into the document management sector with the release of three new products.

Until now the Pennsylvania giant has been happy with its ROI and tracking products -- not to be confused with Return On Investment(ROI) -- but like many companies, it too is moving towards end-to-end solutions. Hence the release of Chart Online, Filing Cabinet Online and Business Documents Online.

And as you can probably guess from their names, these three new document management products will provide software and services that will, the company says, significantly reduce the cost of records management.

Focusing on Specific Document Solutions

That MRO Corp decided to go the online route with these three new products is not really surprising given their existing portfolio.

Much of their focus already has been on information management with their flagship product ROI Online providing a web-based solution that allows healthcare organizations to manage release-of-information requests as a shared service.

Once a healthcare company has uploaded their records, be they medical or financial, into the MRO Corp data centre, MRO takes over and handles document requests including billing, collections and logging/tracking of records, and the distribution of requested records.

Its other principal product - Audit Tracker Online - can run separately or in parallel with ROI Online and allows healthcare providers to manage incoming audit requests from initial medical records request through the appeals processes and payment resolution.

The New Additions to the Group

Now there are the three new online document management solutions that will close the circle. The differences between these solutions lies in the type of documents they support.

  • Chart Online: A scalable solution, it enables users to capture, index and securely upload paper-based medical records, to MRO’s centralized data center for easy storage and retrieval.
  • Filing Cabinet Online: The second new solution is Filing Cabinet Online. This does exactly what it says giving organizations an easy-to-use storage and retrieval system for Explanation of Benefits (EOBs), contracts, cash receipts and credentialing documents.
  • Business Documents Online: The third new solution is Business Documents Online, which effectively carries out the same features as the Chart Online solution, except for business documents such as administrative, financial and market-specific documentation.

All three solutions come with a number of different document capture abilities, including bulk scanning, loose element scanning, electronic attachments and inbound fax. Document indexing can be performed either manually or through the use of bar codes.

Additional features include:

  • Full audit trail capability
  • Subscription-based pricing
  • Easy deployment

These document management solutions can integrate with existing daily workflow processes for both paper-based and electronic record systems.