A SaaS Based EMC Documentum Solution
Last year when EMC (news, site) finally unveiled its updated version of Documentum -- v6.5 --it offered the promise of “balance between business agility and IT control.”


While it came chock-a-block with new Web 2.0 abilities, for Wipro, the global IT solutions provider, the new document and record management abilities prompted them to develop a new Hosted Document Management (HDM) solution leveraging Documentum.

Unveiled at last week’s EMC World 2009, the new solution, which is entirely scalable, is already available for interested companies.

EMC/Wipro Partnership Solution

There are many reasons why companies might be interested in Documentum v6.5, but this hosted product is particularly targeting companies that need scalable solutions and also need to keep a tight grasp on the purse strings -- effectively 100% of companies in the current climate.

The HDM model is the result of the partnership established between EMC and Wipro in 2007 aimed at providing content management solutions for geographically diverse regions.

It offers companies an end-to-end, easy-to-use and install document management system that could cut customer costs by up to 30%, depending on individual requirements.


Wipro Technologies SaaS solution

Built on Wipro’s SaaS platform, it significantly reduces the time and labour-intensive process of data capture, management, retrieval and archiving of critical documents in business processes.

Learning Opportunities

Additional Solutions Available

As the solution is built on Wipro’s SaaS platform, it also includes a number of features that should attract medium as well as large-scale clients including:

  • The ability to integrate with an existing system with no changes to that system
  • Client specific user interface
  • Client specific billing system
  • User specific reports for service provide as well as multi-tenancy support

It also means that should a client wish to, they can also avail of the other solutions on the platform including an ecommerce solution, an electronic data interchange or a Learning Management Solution.

A further attraction is that the company says it can install the solution, however scalable, in four to six weeks.

Suitable for a wide range of industries, the new solution offers business process management for a wide range of industries including legal, financial, manufacturing and procurement.

And the deal-clincher -- Wipro says it will have paid for itself in six months.