There are a few different solutions available to backup and restore your SharePoint content, but not all of them enable the restoration of a single document, Metalogix's Selective Restore Manager Pro for SharePoint however, does.

What Can You Restore

Metalogix's Selective Restore Manager Pro for SharePoint lets you restore more than just single documents. You can restore list items and sites as well. Also nice is that all the stuff that goes with the content gets restored like metadata, versions, views and permissions.

All this functionality comes without having to set up a temporary backup environment. You just connect to your SQL Server database backup files and navigate through the sites to find what you are looking for.


MetaLogix Selective Restore Manager

Versions of SharePoint Supported

The Metalogix Selective Restore works for backups created for MOSS and WSS3, and even WSS2.0 from Central Admin, STSADM or SQL Server. This includes both incremental and full backups.

Other Notable Features

The list of capabilities for this product is impressive and includes the following:

  • Explorer Type Interface: A tree-based interface where you copy and paste the items you want to restore back to either the original production environment or another installation altogether.
  • In place and Out of Place Restore: Copy the item/site back to the original SharePoint Server or a new one and re-template and/or re-parent while you are at it.
  • Preview First: Want to see the document before you restore it? You can, even save it to your desktop.
  • Run Differential Reports: The Restore Manager can run differential reports against your backups or a backup and your production site. The report will show you what's new, changed or deleted.

 The Selective Restore Manager is integrated with SharePoint. It uses the SharePoint API to make the requested changes to the SharePoint server. Metalogix says there are no direct read or writes to SQL Server.


Metalogix Restore Feature

There are two videos available on the Metalogix website that demonstrate the Restore functionality and the site compare functionality. The interface is clean, easy to understand and the processes look very straightforward and easy to follow.


MetaLogix Site Compare

One of Many SharePoint Management Products

The SharePoint Selective Restore Manager is just the latest in a number of products that help with the management of SharePoint sites. Other products include an Archive Manager for SharePoint and Migration Managers for Sites, FileShares and Websites.

Not the Only One With Single Item Restore

The SharePoint Administration market offers a number of solutions for backup and restore capabilities for SharePoint. Other offerings that also include single item restore capability are AvePoint's DocAve, Double-Take, IBMs Tivoli and Microsoft's Own Data Protection Manager.

You can take the Metalogix Selective Restore for SharePoint for a test drive and see for yourself how it works. The product costs US$ 3,995 per web front-end for an annual license with support.