Accelerate the Review Process with a Multilingual eDiscovery Tool
The launch of Xerox's (news, site) enhanced eDiscovery solution that should dramatically reduce the time it takes companies to fulfill eDiscovery and compliance obligations in languages other than English, should shake things up in the battle for dominance of the eDiscovery market.

With a name Immigrations Services would be proud of, the new solution, called Foreign Language Identifier (FDI), works with 45 languagues and streamlines the document review processes in eDiscovery searches. At least that's what they say.

FDI gives lawyers instant intelligence regarding the languages used in a given document and in what part of the document the languages appear. It runs in tandem with Xerox's text extraction solutions for ingesting documents in 115 languages on the Xerox Litigation Services platform.

Growing Multilingual eDiscovery Market

Clearly, the global eDiscovery market is beginning to bloom. While US companies have been developing eDiscovery solutions to go with their enterprise content management systems for some time now, eDiscovery in languages other than English is relatively recent.

Only this week, ibml unveiled its multilingual document capture solution to run alongside its image analysis platform DocNetics, while WordPress integrated human translation services into its OnTheGoSystems.

But all this is relative small-fry compared to the commercial potential of multilingual eDiscovery capabilities. Imagine, for example, the cost of document discovery in the all-too-frequent international copyright disputes -- then multiply it by the number of languages involved.

Ok, ok, this is a bit simplistic; but you get the picture, and that picture is really, really big business.

Multilingual Parsing

There is another thing that makes FDI unique. The one that really gives this the ‘umph!!’ factor is its ability to not only identify what language a document is in, but also parse different languages sentence by sentence.

Developed by the research wing of Xerox, FDI can instantly identify all the languages used in a given document and give the user a percentage breakdown of the principal language, plus any other languages that appear in the document.

XLS Combined Solutions

Add into the brew all the other capabilities of XLS solutions and you really have a powerful tool ready for anything -- a kind of linguistic Indiana Jones.

Included in those capabilities are:

  • Advanced Analytical Features for streamlining electronic discovery process for investigations and litigation matters.
  • E-mail Analytics which helps clients get an immediate graphical representation of all e-mails sent to and received from that individual.
  • Near duplicate identification, which allow a user find and group documents that are similar to another document for bulk-tagging or review.
  • E-mail threading threading technology allows users to view e-mail documents in the context of an e-mail chain, or thread, showing the user where a single e-mail document fits within a series of e-mails between custodians.
  • Support for documents in nearly any format and allows for common documents to be reviewed in their original format.
  • Search technologies that allow clients to conduct searches on their data in several ways. These technologies are powered by the Oracle database and the Oracle full-text search engine.
  • Review and Workflow Management that coordinates workflow and automates document reviews. The Review Manager feature automates the batching and distribution of documents to specified reviewers.

Combined, these elements would give any company looking to take a major claim on the eDiscovery market an edge to be reckoned with.