Add Documents to SharePoint with One Click
KnowledgeLake (news, site) specializes in document management for SharePoint offering a number document imaging and capture solutions. It has recently updated its Connect desktop solution to allow integration with desktop programs such as Web, Windows, Silverlight and WPF applications, making it even quicker to add your documents to SharePoint.

Connecting to SharePoint

KnowledgeLake Connect 4.0 is a desktop application that helps saves documents to SharePoint in a single step. This helps companies mitigate business and legal risk (and satisfy compliance laws) by ensuring that all documents are stored in a central and secure repository.

The new integration features allow Connect 4.0 (hmm, won't Milton Bradley's trademark lawyers be taking an interest?) to offer one-click scanning, indexing and searching from most business applications, including PeopleSoft, Microsoft Dynamics and SAP. Virtual buttons appear on the applications, allowing scans or images to be captured by SharePoint with index data taken from the program.

A Crowded MarketPlace

With several competitors, such as eCopy and SearchExpress making this an increasingly crowded market place, standing out with faster performance and more features is increasingly important and you can't get much faster than a single click.

Other features include: 

  • Saving Documents: The ability to save documents to SharePoint from any desktop application via a web connection.
  • Processing Documents: Streamline the process of saving documents, as edits made to documents stored in the SharePoint library are automatically saved.
  • Browsing: Quickly browse to any SharePoint document library from Connect.
  • Security: Securely store credentials for all the SharePoint servers you access.
  • Scanning: Perform desktop scanning and saving of documents to SharePoint.
  • MetaData: Use SharePoint column definitions to ensure proper metadata association.

KnowledgeLake Connect is compatible with SharePoint 2003 and 2007 (including WSS and MOSS). It can work without other KnowledgeLake apps or can be integrated with the company's Branch Capture and Imaging Server platforms.