SharePoint users who love coloring wall charts with a rainbow's worth of highlighter pen will enjoy and save time with Pentalogic's (news, site) new utility.

SharePoint's Highlights

Pentalogic specializes in useful enterprise 2.0 add-ons for Microsoft SharePoint including reminders, planners and pivot assistants. Its latest gem comes in the form of Highlighter, a tool for SharePoint that adds highlighting, color coding, icons, progress bars, countdowns and dynamic highlighting.

The tool is now in public beta, with the recent private beta having helped the developers fine-tune the usability and add practical features. These include looking at commonly used tasks and scenarios where the tool will be used and helping make the Highlighter features easier to apply. Using an interface, users can auto-apply features.

The practical benefits are the same as those for anyone with a neat pack of Sharpies: Important tasks can be made more visible, grouped information can be related to each other and a bunch of tasks can be graded in importance.


Make those endless SharePoint lists a brighter place

Color Me Happy

SharePoint Highlighter is now available in public beta and is available as a 30-day trial; it is compatible with SharePoint 2007 and 2010 and will help the company establish whether any further fine-tuning is needed based on user feedback. If all goes well, the final version should be available in May. Download the beta here.

Anyone who gets lost among the reams of SharePoint lists will appreciate the feature and your neatly ordered lists would be the envy of fellow workers. There is no pricing yet for the final version, but Pentalogic's other tools aren't exactly bank-breakers for medium and larger enterprises, with a range of pricing depending on deployment type.