Alfresco 3.2 ECM Supports Compliance, Collaboration & Cloud Deployment
Alfresco (news, site) has released version 3.2 of its enterprise content management system. The release allows for cloud-based deployments, streamlines email management and archiving and enhances team-based content collaboration, as well as providing the only supported open source records management tool certified to the 5015.02 standard. Let's take a closer look.

Capitalizing on collaboration, version 3.2 attempts to make it both affordable and easy for anyone in a commercial or government organization to collaborate. As well, by supporting cloud and IMAP standards, Alfresco also hopes to make complying with regulatory standards easier.

Efficiency & Compliance

New features of Alfresco Enterprise 3.2 focus on efficiency of implementing cloud computing by supporting multi-tenancy, a critical component of multi-company cloud implementations and multiple deployment options from traditional on-premise to full cloud deployment.

Other features boast better usability and functionality, allowing users to drag n’ drop to share key email messages with colleagues and team members; and providing full access to repository services without a client install that can be accessed from mobile devices.

Web content management has been updated to speed up the deployment and integration of website content into external websites and multiple delivery channels.

Sharing, Scalability & Storage

3.2 enhances the way Alfresco Share works with others. It can now extend team collaboration from the extranet environment into the cloud through scalable, moderated sites, while employing social media solutions so users can navigate and find important information.


Alfresco 3.2 features new dashboard features, such as image galleries, a new forms engine, and activities filters.

When it comes to Information Lifecycle Management strategy, the new release can help the way organizations manage the physical storage location for content based on business policies by automatically storing and moving content between storage subsystems. Users can designate content based on its business value, governance and compliance requirements, and relative storage costs.

Alfresco’s Enterprise Edition 3.2 is immediately available for all existing Enterprise Subscription Customers and you can learn more about its features and functionality on January 19 via their “What’s New in Alfresco Enterprise 3.2” webinar.

For those wanting a chance at a free trial, you can tweet: #Alfresco Enterprise 3.2 available for trial in the cloud