8 Must Read Articles - Social Computing in the Enterprise

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There is not an organization out there today who isn't implementing or planning some kind of enterprise social computing solution. There are a lot of things to consider when developing your strategy and just as many technological solutions out there to choose from.

Here we offer you 8 articles on social computing, some focused on the plan, some focused on the technical solution. Both will provide you plenty of information to focus on your plans.

On Building Communities

1. Communities Insights with Telligent's Lawrence Liu and George Dearing: Liu and Dearing give us an inside look into what enterprises are thinking and doing when it comes to building community solutions. Enterprises are getting smarter about social computing, including identifying their needs and developing their strategy.

2. Enterprises Want Social Computing, Not Just Another Facebook: J.B. Holston, CEO and President of NewsGator, gives us an inside view of how communities can build strong employee, customer and partner relationships.

On the Importance of Analytics

3. Why SaaS and Social Media Are Thriving: CEO of Reality Digital, Cynthia Francis, tells us why social media solutions are thriving in this economic downturn and how enterprises are better understanding how to measure the success of their implemented solutions.

4. Social Web Analytics with Telligent's Harvest Reporting Server: Traditional Web Analytics won't cut it when it comes to measure the performance of your communities. Read this article to understand why and take a look at Telligent's answer to social web analytics.

On the Technical Solutions

5. Managing Social Media With Vignette Community Apps 7.1: Even the enterprise content management vendors are in on the game. Not to be left out, Vignette is focusing heavily on social media solutions. Here is their latest offering. And when you are ready, read this interview with Vignette's new Social Media Strategist, Dirk Shaw.

6. Jumpstart Your Community With Awareness: Awareness understands communities and they understand well the need to have "purpose-driven communities" as Gartner puts it. How do they help you jumpstart your community implementation? By providing eight best practice communities to get you on your way.

Learning Opportunities

7. Next For the Enterprise: Social Business Software Suites: Jive's latest incarnation of their community solution has taken on a whole new meaning -- social business software. With a plan to change the face of enterprise technical solutions, here's a look the social capital marketplace.

8. Tomoye Advances Communities for MOSS: Want to extend your SharePoint solution with more community capabilities? Here's one way with Tomoye. And if you need a few more ideas to get you looking at solutions read this article: SharePoint Gets Social with Partners.