The arms race between the open source enterprise cms vendors continues as both Alfresco and Nuxeo announce the availability of new versions of their respective offerings.We at CMSWire do our best to be objective, so let's go in alphabetical order:

Alfresco Community Edition Version 2.1

To refresh your memory, this is the version of Alfresco's platform that is available to the open source community and comes with no support. We are still unsure of the merits of this approach, but that is neither here nor there. The updated open source version of Alfresco's platform includes the following new features: * Web Scripts: a REST API Framework * Extended Javascript and Freemarker APIs * Microsoft Word Integration * RIA Portlets * PHP Scripting and Templating * Task commenting * Blog publishing But what about web content management capabilities? Did we not recently tout Alfresco's "new-and-improved web content management capability"? Yes we did, and along those lines version 2.1 of the Alfresco Community Edition adds the following enhancements: * Deployment * Search * Content Launch * Content Expiration * Locking * Custom editor toolbars * Link Management * Deployment to file-server * WCM Portlet for non-technical users

Nuxeo Enterprise Platform 5.1.2

Thankfully, there is only one edition of Nuxeo's enterprise cms platform that implementors need worry about. And while this is a minor point release above and beyond the most recent version, there are still important features and fixes included (to mention only a few): Features * Mass Import * Move action in the clipboard * Handle complex properties in search service results * HTML editor user tag is now a JSF component Fixes * Sorting documents on title * Top navigation links working correctly * Clipboard more stable * Workflow more usable and stable Regardless of where your allegiance lies, progress from the top two open source cms players is a good thing - especially for the small to midsize business owner. If your organization has deployed one of these new versions (or both), we would love to hear your war story.