Nuxeo Open Source ECM
Much like the warning that you should never buy first generation hardware, it is always safer to wait for the the first point release after a new version becomes available before upgrading. This old saying holds true for Nuxeo with the immediate availability of the newest version of their enterprise content management platform.Nuxeo Enterprise Platform 5.1 may be shorter in name (it is actually version 5.1.1) but it makes up for a dearth of version numbers with new functionality. The new version is largely distinguished by its service-oriented architecture (SOA) and makes it easier for application developers by offering a variety of improvements: * Advanced search functionality based on the NXQL Query language (SQL-based) * Electronic and physical records management * Improved scalability through cloning/load distribution * Enhanced flexibility through new support for scripting languages * Data import/export service designed to facilitate migration from legacy systems The software is based on the Nuxeo Service Platform (SP), a service platform designed for ECM that manages tasks like storage, indexing, search, security, workflow, and archiving. Application developers can access these services by embedding the platform core in their Java applications or through distributed technologies such as Java EE remoting, SOAP, and REST Services. The platform is extensible because it is built on an infrastructure of plug-ins & extension points based on the OSGi standard. Developers & integrators can easily create custom configurations & extensions by creating a set of plug-ins to adapt to the platform. According to Stefane Fermigier, CEO of Nuxeo, "With this new release and the help of a dynamic ecosystem, Nuxeo positions itself to inject new energy and innovation into the ECM market". For more information about the newest version of a key player in the open source enterprise content management space, please visit both the Nuxeo Community site and the Nuxeo Corporate site.