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Who'd've figured French Enterprise CMS geeks were Elvis fans? Whether intentional or not, Nuxeo pays tribute to the King's hometown with the release of the newest version of their flagship product -- Nuxeo 5.1, codenamed Memphis.As was previously covered here, Nuxeo announced that version 5.1 of their open source ECM project would be available within a week of the announcement. Flaunting the fads of our dear IT sector, Nuxeo met the deadline. Despite the short amount of time between the announcement of the upcoming release and the actual release, there were some notable bug fixes and user interface enhancements that made the deadline. These updates include: * Improved Modularity: the primary components of the platform can now be deployed in such a way as to be able to communicate remotely via an API that can be from used the web client, a portlet, Apogee (Eclipse RCP), or any other client that would need to access a Nuxeo repository * Multi-server Deployment System: the packaging system has been updated to use the aforementioned improved modularity so services can be easily configured even though they may be deployed in a multi-server environment * Document Abstraction for Search Queries: hoping to improve the "dashboarding" functionality within Nuxeo, search queries can now be saved as documents so that searches can be versioned and search results can be modified via the user interface * Import/Export at the Core Level: documents can now be imported and exported between two separate cores * New URL Codec Framework: no longer constrained to the Apache URL encoder, administrators can now plug in their own encoder/decoder to customize the design of the URLs within the system * Ability to Track User Connections: an event is now fired when a user logs in so that this activity can be tracked via reports or dashboards * Improved Document Listing Management: lists of documents can now be sorted on any field, search results can be configured to show only certain fields, and the results can be exported as a CSV file * Enhanced Publishing Workflow: an optional plugin is now available that enables users to use a workflow to validate the publishing of a document For more juicy details on the release, check out Nuxeo's New and Noteworthy (PDF) doc. Kudos to the Nuxeo dev staff on the latest milestone and for those itching for the latest build, the build is here.