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Although slightly behind schedule, Nuxeo is otherwise on-track to deliver the next the full point release of its open source enterprise content management system this week.According to the blog of Nuxeo CEO Stefane Fermigier, the schedule slippage around Nuxeo 5.1 can be attributed to an abundance of project-oriented work for its thriving pro services arm. Despite an extended wait to get access to the latest version, end users should be encouraged: A strong project pipeline will continue to scaffold work for Nuxeo's overall product line. But enough about project pipelines and the coolness of blogging CEOs (Web 2.0 is great). You want to know what to expect in the upcoming 5.1 release -- and we aim to please. In addition to bug fixes and various technical improvements that will be described later, there are four new major pieces of functionality that have been stabilized or implemented since the third milestone release: * Ability to deploy to multiple servers * A REST-ful API (ahem, like others we know) * XML-based import/export functions for documents and repositories * A new URL system Along with these new features, the upcoming release also includes 32 bug fixes and improvements. Some highlights from this list include: * Improvement in performance for the style editor * A new extensible core permission service and related API * A new document id generation mechanism for cleaner paths and URLs As with most things in life, the good news comes hand in hand with a touch of the bad. There are over 100 open bugs associated with this release. There is a silver lining to this cloud, as any seasoned software developer will tell you, in that the more bugs you know about, the more you can fix, and the more stable the application becomes. Despite concerns about the number of defects, the Nuxeo user and developer communities can appreciate the fact that Nuxeo is hiding nothing by making its issue tracker freely available via the web. What's next for Nuxeo after this release goes live? Aside from trimming the aforementioned bug list, Fermigier says that they will be finishing and polishing the Nuxeo Book, beginning work on Nuxeo 5.2, focusing on projects for new customers, and taking some time off. And with us being at the beginning of August and Nuxeo being a French outfit, I think we can all agree that the team is well-prepped for a holiday. For more information about the upcoming release, check out the release details page. Is your organization currently using Nuxeo? Are you looking forward to the 5.1 release? Tell us about about your experience in the comments section.