Alfresco, a provider of open source Enterprise Contement Management Solutions, has announced the availability of the Alfresco Software Development Kit (SDK) for Java Content Repositories (JCR) and Web Services API development. The Alfresco SDK includes everything you need to develop stand-alone or embedded applications and plug-ins against the Alfresco enterprise content repository.Developers can boost their coding caffeine levels with pre-built libraries, packaged source code, Javadoc and Eclipse projects and samples facilitating the creation of Java-based content apps. The Alfresco SDK can be used in conjunction with Web Content Management as developers build content-centric applications. Other examples of use include: * Embedding Alfresco through the JCR API or Web Services API * JCR and Web Services examples with a WIKI demonstration * Custom Action and Aspect development * Custom JSP web client development * Custom Plug-in development John Newton, CTO at Alfresco Software, believes that users do not wish to be tied to expensive proprietary software. "Consistent with the nature of the open source model, we're making available the best of breed components used to develop Alfresco products enabling the user community to save time and effort to develop applications," he explains. "Software vendors and application developers do not want to be tied in to high-priced, proprietary, legacy stacks." The Alfresco SDK is available immediately from SourceForge. It requires the following: JDK 1.5.x, Eclispe IDE 3.x, and your database of choice, with MySQL recommended for development purposes. In related news, Alfresco recently announced support for the Open Document Format (ODF). And the state of Massachusetts has endorsed open source software and the Open Document Format specifically.