Alfresco, a provider of an open source Enterprise Content Management (ECM) solutions, announces support for Open Document Format (ODF). Their ODF Virtual File System will support drag and drop conversion to ODF documents from any Office application source.Both Microsoft Office and Open Office users will be able to save or drag content into intelligent drop-zones, where rules and actions transparently convert incoming content into the ODF vendor-neutral format. Documents can automatically be sent through a controlled review and approval process and also have records management rules applied to them. "The ODF Virtual File System makes document sharing vendor-neutral and addresses issues such as long-term archival and future-proofing rights to access content in a non-proprietary, royalty free way", said John Newton, Alfresco's CTO. Alfresco's ODF Virtual File System will be available on July 27 from the latest Alfresco build on Additional information on the OASIS Open Document Format for Office Applications: * OASIS OpenDocument Technical Committee * OASIS ODF Adoption Technical Committee