A potentially exciting development, this. The ever-industrious Bangalore developer SpikeSource has given the Alfresco (Enterprise Ed.) open-source CMS platform the SpikeIgnite treatment. The results are likely to excite those that are interested in acquiring open source CMS functionality, but are worried about implementation and support issues. SpikeIgnite is a middleware concept that helps realize the potential of an enterprise-level open-source CMS like Alfresco (they've also done it with Drupal) by sifting through the superfluous blood and guts, and delivering a polished proprietary-standard CMS that fits like a glove but remains highly customizable. It also helps retain other benefits of open-source (like not being Evil). And don't forget cost. The SpikeIgnite solution takes a free tool and customizes it. Customization costs money, but not nearly as much (in principle) as actually buying some bloated package, and then having to maintain it. Alfresco SpikeIgnite runs on Microsoft or Linux and incorporates the following features: * Certified Stacks * Maintenance, Updates and Patch support * Customer Support – Problem Resolution, Compatibility and Migration Advice * Customer Portal – Information, Bug Tracking and Case Tracking * Performance Tuning Advice * Indemnity and Warranty It should work pretty well. Part of the SpikeIgnite program is a now-legendary testing schedule, where it performs over 300,000 nightly tests of the product via an automated framework. If there are any gremlins lurking in SpikeIgnite Alfresco, they're well hidden. Ki Polese, CEO of SpikeSource, observes that "by working with Microsoft, top application providers like Alfresco and the global community of users and channel partners, SpikeSource has created a tremendous federated solution model that eliminates compatibility and support concerns, enabling organizations to easily deploy powerful, popular solutions like Alfresco on the operating system of their choosing." (Your intrepid reporter never ceases to be astounded by the ridiculously verbose drivel these CEO types come out with. Imagine saying something like that to a guy at a dinner-party - you'd be having brandy and cigars, he'd still be asking to pass the ketchup.) Alfresco is a Java-based open-source CMS product which runs off Windows or Unix/Linux, and incorporates such favorable appurtenances as Lucene-based search and multilingual support. Got an opinion on open source going corporate? Leave it with us.