SpikeSource has announced the latest version of its SpikeIgnited version of the Drupal web CMS solution. With Drupal 5.1 as its muse, this is the first SpikeSource solution that's been tested and certified for both Microsoft Windows and Linux.SpikeSource is a provider of open source solutions for enterprises, riding the precarious wave between volatile innovation and business-ready dependability. SpikeIgnited was developed to encourage the faster development and delivery of open source solutions without compromising tech budgets, quality or back-end support. In addition to compatibility with Windows and Linux, the Drupal SpikeIgnited solution boasts: * A GUI installer * Built-in infrastructure with everything you need and nothing extraneous, including Apache 2, PostgreSQL 8.1, PHP 5 and phpPGAdmin * Multi-machine capabilities, which means you can install the database on a different box than Drupal and the web server, improving performance on sites serving serious traffic * Testing galore No jesting on that last point. Drupal SpikeIgnited operates on the SpikeIgnite platform, which has demonstrated its utility in small, mid-sized and large companies. Each solution is packaged with the components it needs, then automatically tested over 300,000 times a night. Software is also monitored for updates. Drupal, which last year caught the roving eyes of IBM, is an open source software project that simplifies the process of publishing web content. It boasts clientele like The Onion and MTV's UK website - and a recent WebWare 100 award makes testament to innovations the project has made in developer features and site customization. “Drupal represents SpikeSource’s first non-Linux product offering certified through the SpikeIgnited process,” said CEO Kim Polese of SpikeSource. “Eliminating the concern for compatibility, the SpikeIgnited version of Drupal is the answer for organizations looking to deploy mission-critical open source applications in their specific operating system.” Ties with SpikeSource and Drupal may give Microsoft a little more street cred in the open source realm, considering the company isn't known for its kindly face - particularly where Linux is concerned. Nonetheless, learning to play nicely with the community is a necessary step if Microsoft hopes to maintain favor in a rapidly changing market. “The number of organizations taking advantage of open source applications on Windows server is greatly increasing,” acknowledges General Manager Bill Hilf of platform strategy at Microsoft. Hilf hastened to add that the liaison would benefit SpikeSource too, giving their customers "more flexibility and increased platform interoperability." SpikeSource will certify other solutions for Windows in the second half of 2007. In the meantime, check out Drupal SpikeIgnited.