SpikeSource Beefs Enterprise 2.0, Web CMS Competition

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Open source specialist SpikeSource, recently invigorated by their collaboration on Intel's SuiteTwo Enterprise 2.0 project, has aligned with CorraTech to provide a suite of open source applications. The software offering, aptly dubbed OpenSuite, is delivered either on-premise oras an on-demand service. The jointly announced offering includes CRM, web content management, business intelligence, email, and document management applications. CorraTech specializes in open source business management applications with a focus on improving business relationships and streamlining collaboration both internally and externally, and empowering knowledge workers to make faster, more accurate decisions in a maintainable and flexible environment.The CRM component comes to the table with the SpikeCertified stamp of approval. Functionality includes advanced campaign management, customer analytics, self-serve customer portals, eCommerce, sales force analytics, and sales force automation.Surrounding OpenSuite solutions is Jasper Intelligence, a business intelligence framework to deliver dashboards, reporting and analytics across each composite application. Business intelligence built on open standards adds the flexibility to seamlessly embed analytics and reporting capabilities into OpenSuite solutions. The OpenSuite suite leverages an broad range of open source vendors and community projects to deliver on an ambitious web and enterprise content management promise. CorraTech list the following capabilities: Web Content Management -- Websites, Blogs, Wikis, Forums, etc.; Enterprise Content Management -- Document Management and Records Management; and Enterprise Portals. To achieve such functionality they have integrated Open Source ECM software from Alfresco, open source web cms software from the Drupal and Joomla projects, and open source portal software from Liferay.We must say that CorraTech's vision of open source integration is a bit stunning in it scope. It is no wonder they have sought to team with SpikeSource. One of the critiques of SpikeSource has always been there there are not enough enterprise-ready open source packages for them to bundle, certify, and deliver. CorraTech's OpenSuite certainly lengthens the list and with SpikeSource's mature test harness, delivery processes, and enterprise credibility, the pairing makes all the sense in the world.Whether or not the CorreTech relationship impacts SpikeSource's friendship with Intel and the other SuiteTwo partners is not so clear. However, given SpikeSource's position as a service provider to both and the fact that, for now, there is little overlap in the core of the two bundles, we doubt there is much if any conflict to be had.For some background, CorraTech delivers open source applications that focus on business relationships, collaboration, and business intelligence. They've historically offered a combination of open source software, professional support, and technical consulting services. The company was founded in 2002, is based just outside of New York City, and is led by Mr. Bongo.SpikeSource is a software services company also focused on open source. They spend most of their timeintegrating, certifying, distributing and supporting open source applications for the enterprise. SpikeSource offers a portfolio of SpikeCertified and SpikeIgnited solutions for enterprises that may not have deployed open source before. These solutions are delivered with their update and support service called SpikeNet. SpikeSource was started in 2003 and incubatedby Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers, with former Oracle president Ray Lane, as the company's chairman first chairman.In related news, Google's Enterprise Apps are moving along quickly, Automattic brings WordPress to the Enterprise, SharePoint is out and targeting Web 2.0 content management and business intelligence, and Blogtronix updated their Enterprise 2.0 collaboration and content management product.