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Courtesy of our pal, Seth Gottlieb, we learned that Alfresco will soon be releasing Alfresco Dynamic Website (ADW). A part of the Alfresco Community Project, the Dynamic Website combines the expertise and best practices learned from employees and community members to provide "a robust, enterprise-class web site assembly framework that aims to go above and beyond the solutions offered by proprietary companies". Translation: ADW offers up a much better user interface for managing web projects. A much needed improvement, as Alfresco's WCM "user interface while simple, has been faulted being over-simplified in some cases." Here's how it works. ADW sits on top of Alfresco Web Content Management and offers the full breadth of Alfresco capabilities, including: * Drag and drop articles, press releases, videos, and audio onto pages within their web site * Point and click to rapidly assemble new experiences within their web site, ensuring content is delivered to exactly the right people in the right way * Instantly preview all of their changes while leveraging Alfresco's innovative virtualization server technology * Manage the presentation and deployment of all electronic assets in the business The distribution of Alfresco Dynamic Website is entirely via an AMP file; installing it is a single-step process. For access to the download as well as instructions on how to install Alfresco Dynamic Website, refer here. Once installed, Alfresco will offer the following: * New Web Forms: A collection of 14 new web forms for managing all your web applications state, component associations, page, template, and navigation structure. * New Web Scripts: A wide array of new web scripts that form the basis for in-context web site building via Alfresco's Web Script REST services. * New Web Project (ADW): A single Alfresco Web Content Management (WCM) web project that you can use out-of-the-box or further extend using the Alfresco templating or transparent layering capabilities. Alfresco Dynamic Website is not included in the standard Alfresco Enterprise support contract and requires Alfresco Community 2.9 or greater. Slated to be released sometime this spring, ADW is sure to provide web managers with the tools to successfully manage page and site composition. More information is available via Alfresco's Wiki.