Alfresco to  Double the Number of Enterprise CMS Integrators

If this was the script of a 1950s B horror-movie, Alfresco’s (news, site)  announcement that it plans to double the number of Systems Integrators (SI), might be the equivalent of the part in the movie where the villain promises to take over the world and infest it with giant slugs.

But Alfresco is not that kind of company and the announcement comes as a result of unprecedented demand for their solutions and the need for new partners to enable the implementation and maintenance of the Enterprise CMS platform for new clients.

The plan is to add 40 new SI partners by the end of the year and, generally, expand their numbers in both North and South America as the company’s performance defies the prophets of economic doom and just keeps growing.

Consult, Migrate, Integrate

In fact, it is this growth- including over 1.7 million downloads of its community edition that has forced it to start looking for new SIs, while ‘soft’ licensing arrangements where less money is needed up front, have proved irresistible to companies struggling to find money to meet project deadlines.

As one strand of its partner network, SIs provides consulting, integration and migration services for all Alfresco content management solutions.

All companies recognized as SIs have certified Alfresco consultants on their staff and while we had intended to count them all and tell you how many there are, we just couldn’t count them without going blind – suffice to say that there are a lot of them spread all over the world.

But it's not just one-way traffic here; it's not just Alfresco that benefits. By joining the SI program, Alfresco partners will have access to marketing and branding opportunities that might have been closed otherwise.

Some of the SI opportunities include:

  • Training and lead sharing amongst partners
  • Showcases to promote Alfresco platform developments
  • Dedicated resources for business development
  • Alfresco Enterprise subscription and technical support
  • Marketing and networking opportunities at Alfresco events.

What Alfresco hasn’t said is whether it has already identified potential partners, or whether they are looking for companies to submit their CVs so to speak.

But at the rate they appear to be growing, chances are that if you were to contact them you’d probably get at least a hearing.