Alfresco Enterprise CMS
Open source Enterprise CMS vendor Alfresco has announced their latest platform update and some exciting new packaging.Alfresco 2.0 provides users with integrated repositories, search across multiple repositories as well as the Internet, and enables simple applications to take advantage of access to multiple repositories.This newest offering from Alfresco is poised to deliver "simple, standards-based, distributed search encompassing not only multiple Alfresco repositories but the Internet as well. Complementing that capability is the company's content solution packaging mechanism, Alfresco Module Packaging (AMP). Alfresco 2.0 also delivers an integrated content platform with the production release of Web Content Management and AMP-enabled Records Management."Features include:* Open search--standards-based search across multiple Alfresco content repositories and other RSS or Atom repositories including blogs and wikis;* Web content management production release--simple and rapid import of existing Web sites with support for any content authoring or Web development tool;* Alfresco Module Packaging (AMP)--complete content solutions to share globally across all repositories, includes code, content model, content and folder structures; and* AMP-enabled records management--develop and consistently distribute records management policies according to corporate rules through AMP.Alfresco 2.0 is available for download here. And if you've got plans to dig into this product, the latest Alfresco book from Packt Press is sure to be of interest.