Book: Alfresco Enterprise CMS
Our dear friends at Packt Press have teamed with CIGNEX founder and CTO, Munwar Shariff, to deliver a no doubt highly practical manual for the full implementation of the Alfresco Open Source Enterprise CMS. And Munwar is the man. He's one we'd take CMS counsel from any day. With over 5 years of running CMS projects at CIGNEX and plenty more than that digging deep into software dev projects, Munwar brings a wealth of hands-on experience. This combined with the no-nonsense tradition at Packt Press, is sure to have produced one 356 page tome that is unlikely to waste your time.Alfresco, co-founded by John Newton, a former Documentum co-founder, delivers a product that is widely regarded as the most powerful open-source Enterprise CMS. Alfresco's mission has been to be simple and blazingly fast while meeting the functional requirements of sophisticated organizations. Using Alfresco, administrators can easily create rich, shared content repositories. This book aims to take you through the complete cycle of planning, implementing and customizing your Enterprise CMS installation. Among the many topics covered are: * Working with users and membership accounts, including LDAP integration * Using Alfresco as a Smart document repository; working with automatic version tracking and control, and accessing the repository from the Web, shared network folders, or FTP * Making content easy to find using search, content categorization, and metadata * Automating document management tasks with business rules and complete workflows * Working together using Alfresco's collaboration and syndication features to create effective working groups * Customizing the user interface, creating your own dashboard layouts; presenting content in custom ways relevant to your business The book's chapters are: * Chapter 1: Introduction to Alfresco * Chapter 2: Installing and getting started with Alfresco * Chapter 3: Planning * Chapter 4: Implementing Membership and Security * Chapter 5: Implementing Document Management * Chapter 6: Implementing Business Rules * Chapter 7: Extending the Alfresco Content Model * Chapter 8: Search * Chapter 9: Implementing Workflow * Chapter 10: Collaboration and Syndication * Chapter 11: Customizing User Interface * Chapter 12: Maintaining the System * Chapter 13: Implementing Imaging and Forms Processing The book had its inception back in June of 2006 when Munwar was developing detailed Alfresco ECM training for Users and Administrators. The training material had about 325 pages and 48 lab exercises, covering the latest features of Alfresco. After refining the materials through several delivery sessions, the author began conversion to book form. Alfresco has been making waves and picking up significant momentum. As of the time of book publication the had been downloaded over 500,000 times, there were 5,000 community sites running on it, there there were hundreds of subscribers to the Alfresco Enterprise Network. The book can be purchased from Packt Press or from retailers such as Amazon.