Yesterday Alfresco (news, site) announced a new partnership with Jive Software that will bring more life to its concept of social content management. Our question is, what exactly is social content management. We asked. We were told. Read on.

Bringing the Benefits of Social to ECM

Alfresco has been talking about this thing called social content management for a little while now. CMSWire caught up with Alfresco CMO Todd Barr at Gartner PCC and asked him to explain what it means.

Barr explained that Alfresco goal is to strap together enterprise content management (the system of record) and social business software (the systems of engagement) to offer the best of both worlds to organizations. Basically getting rid of silos.

This strategy takes two approaches for Alfresco:

  • Making Content Management more social through the use of Alfresco Share. Here the key is to add more features that allow people to share and collaborate on content.
  • The second approach is to provide an open platform that can be plugged into social software solutions that support the collaboration of content. As Barr says, discuss it, collaborate on it, make it better. Then check it into the system of record where it can it be searched and made available, and of course be governed appropriately.

And this why we are seeing the Jive Software partnership that includes a CMIS based connector that enables cross-platform publishing. Read more details: New Alfresco-Jive Connector Brings Enterprise Content Management to Social Software

Learning Opportunities

This is definitely where content management should be right now and in the future. But, do we need a new vocabulary term to add to our already long, long list?

Here is Barr at Gartner PCC, talking about social content management: