ApacheCon US 2009

This year, ApacheCon US returns to the San Francisco Bay Area -- the home of the Apache Software Foundation, which celebrates its 10th birthday in 2009. The conference will span over several days (November 2-6) and promises to be an “exciting celebration” of a decade of great coding, while offering a peek into the future of Open Source.

This conference should be like no other ApacheCon before with a feast of BarCamps, Get Togethers, featured tracks, evening events and a birthday bash to celebrate and acknowledge the achievements of the ASF committers and members. Another perk is that this year’s conference is cheaper and offers many free sessions to get you out of that bad economy blues.

ApacheCon US 2009 tracks:

  • Business & Community
  • HTTPD -- the Apache Web Server
  • Apache Tomcat
  • Apache Lucene & friends
  • Apache Felix & OSGi
  • Apache Tuscany & Synapse
  • Content technologies
  • Web Services
  • Geronimo & Directory
  • Apache Hadoop

In the Content Technology track the following Apache projects will be covered: Tapestry (presented by Howard Lewis Ship), Velocity, Wicket (Jeremy Thomerson), Roller (David Johnson), Shindig (Henning Schmiedehausen), Jetspeed and Jackrabbit (David Sean Taylor), Sling, CouchDB and POI (Paolo Mottadelli).

You will see more sessions on Jackrabbit and Sling. As content tech track organizer Jukka Zitting tells us, now with Sling out of the Incubator, it is receiving more attention at the ASF.

In addition to the traditional sessions, the conference will have two evening meetups, one focused on web front-ends and one on unstructured storage. The initial plan for the first one is to have a "Tapestry vs. Wicket death match."

For the second meetup, the organizers are thinking of doing a generic NoSQL gathering with people from Jackrabbit, CouchDB, Lucene, Hadoop and any other projects within and outside Apache.

There'll also be a "Meet The Developers" corner during this track, where conference attendees can set up ad-hoc meetings with the speakers and key developers.

Links of note:

Early bird registration for ApacheCon US 2009 ends on August 14.