Appian Delivers Web-based BPM Platform
Collaboration and improved process tools hit Appian which has press releases falling like Fall leaves to celebrate the launch of version 6 of its BPM suite.

Work the Appian Way

The new edition of Appian's all-Web business process management suite ropes in collaboration and streamlines its processes to mark its sixth iteration with a bang. The new Appian aims to accelerate the way that business processes function, while its collaborative portal helps bring staff together on projects and processes for that Enterprise 2.0 feel.

Any process can be analyzed to help form a model and set of rules that are used to get the task done faster, with monitoring and accountability. The new Appian improves this development further by adding one-click import and export to speed up the speeding up.

At higher levels, real-time monitoring and dashboarding allow executives to monitor processes and generate flexible reports to see the returns being generated by improved processes.


Follow the vital stats using mashable reports

A BPM Framework

To work alongside Appian 6, the company has also announced a new BPM Framework to help those starting out in the world of process management.

By providing definitions of processes and identifying tasks, and offering guidance on training and documentation, the Framework offers a blueprint with four levels of maturity in the model to help guide organizations from start to finish through the BPM process.

The framework is available as a part of the company's Professional Services features.


Dashboards let staff monitor processes and actions 

Take Appian Anywhere

Traditionally the domain of the enterprise, Appian is doing its best to encourage the midsized and smaller organization to feel the advantage of streamlined businesses with Appian Anywhere. This SaaS-system features much of the same feature set put is priced per user to be low-cost and uses Amazon EC2 as storage to make it accessible to any company.

Using pre-built applications and models, users can quickly construct applications that map onto their business processes without the cost of an on-premises setup. On top of that, a library of custom components in the form of services, extensions, libraries and utilities can be accessed to save a team from having to develop its own tools.

Appian Anywhere is available from US$ 35 per user a month with a 10-user minimum deployment.

Join the Forum

To foster a wider sense of community, Appian has also opened up its own Appian FORUM online. This enables users to find the latest approved content, templates and libraries as well as to share knowledge with other users.

Whether a new user is looking for a template for a common department, or searching the knowledge base for information on user advice, the forum should provide all the answers faster than before.

If you want to get up close and personal with Appian, the FORUM09 conference takes place on October 28-29 in Reston, Virginia.