Autonomy has been working on getting the DoD 5015.02 certification for its Records Manager for quite some time. Finally, it has achieved it and can now go gunning for the really big contracts in not just the Department of Defense, but also across all other government and federal agencies.

The certification says that Autonomy’s RM meets the requirements needed to operate in classified or secure environments, although the only thing that is really surprising here is how long it took to get certification, as it has always been a fairly secure piece of software.

That’s the way these things go, and now that it has managed it, it can start catching up on the likes of Alfresco (news, site) and OpenText (news, site), who have had the precious certification under their belts for quite some time now.

DoD 5015.02

For those still unclear about DoD 5015.02, it provides implementation and procedural guidance on the management of records in the Department of Defense. It has long since, though, become more than that and is now recognized as one of the global benchmarks for secure records management, along with other standards such as the European MoReq2 standards.

Records Manager itself offers organizations software that bridges both the physical and electronic records environment, using its flagship IDOL as a common platform, and can apply policy consistently to every information source in the enterprise

But Autonomy also has some other ammunition now, because it also managed to get DoD5015.02, Chapter 2 certification as well, which recognizes its “seamless integration” with SharePoint 2010.

In the current market, this is probably a really good thing, given that one of the big criticisms of SharePoint 2010 was that, although it came with considerable improvements in this area, it still didn’t go far enough.

That, however, is a moot point. What is certain is that Autonomy is now ready to sell its Records Manager into secure environments, and into secure environments where SharePoint is being used -- something that should open up a considerable number of new contract possibilities for it.

DoD 5015.02 Competition

Before leaving this though, it is worth considering the competition -- again, the first two that spring to mind are OpenText and Alfresco. Both have being playing this market for quite a while and seem to being doing well enough there.

In fact, OpenText received certification as early as 2007, when it took eDOCS and updated it to be compliant with DoD 5015.2-STD.

Alfresco spent a lot of time in 2009 working towards the DoD goal and updated its offering in August of that year to add new records management functionality, including reporting tools and query capabilities.

And there are others that have gone that route, too, such as IBM and Oracle. But this week is Autonomy’s moment to shine, especially as it has been building its records management abilities since 2007 when it bought Merido.

Other notable features include integration with its e-Discovery and enterprise archiving solutions, along with the addition of a number of legal experts and significant installed base of legal solutions that came with the Interwoven acquisition.

It’s still early to say how it is going to get on in the DoD 5015.2-STD jungle, but given the product, the signs are definitely positive.