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  • HP Sells CX Assets to OpenText for $170M

    HP Sells CX Assets to OpenText for $170M

    It's the age of the customer — and HP is dumping its customer experience (CX) software. Palo Alto, Calif.-based HP Inc. struck a deal today with Waterloo, Ontario-based OpenText  to divest its CX assets for $170 million.

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  • HP Sues to Recover $5.1B From Autonomy Deal

    Hewlett-Packard Co. filed a suit in London’s High Court against Michael Lynch and a former colleague for about $5.1 billion for damages in connection with their management of Autonomy, the software company Lynch co-founded.

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  • 8 Companies Leading ECM Into 2015

    8 Companies Leading ECM Into 2015

    The enterprise content management (ECM) market looks set to change again. According to new research form Boston-based Nucleus Research, enterprises are taking to the idea of storing content on external servers.

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  • Why Splitting HP into 2 Companies Makes Sense

    The renaissance of HP took another turn today with the announcement that it was splitting into two public companies. One company will comprise HP’s market-leading enterprise technology infrastructure, software and services businesses, which will do business as Hewlett-Packard Enterprise.

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  • Why HP Pulled Autonomy and Vertica into a Big Data Union

    Why HP Pulled Autonomy and Vertica into a Big Data Union

    Badly stung by the Autonomy acquisition, it had taken HP some time to stick its head up over the parapet again. But by pulling together Vertica and Autonomy, it did just that, and a lot more besides. Realigning Business Groups The reorganization of the HP big data and information management

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  • HP Fuses Data Management Assets for Internet of Things Play

    HP Fuses Data Management Assets for Internet of Things Play

    The pieces are finally falling into place. Over the past two years since that acquisition, HP has been building up Autonomy’s portfolio and pushing it in a million different directions. Late last night the master plan became clear.

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  • HP Autonomy Adds Muscle to its Marketing Platform

    HP continues to build its portfolio today with the launch of Optimost Visual Test (OVT), a new self service A/B/n testing product that builds on the technology it acquired when it bought Autonomy. The technology aims to help marketers identify new opportunities more quickly.

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  • HP Autonomy Focusing on Healthcare Analytics #HIMSS2014

    There are two interesting points to note around HP Autonomy’s (HPA) Healthcare Analytics release. The first is that HPA has developed its IDOL technology to target a specific vertical. The second is that it's a self-service platform designed with users in mind rather than IT.

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  • HP Autonomy Clouds E-Discovery Trend

    HP Autonomy Clouds E-Discovery Trend

    If we’ve been carrying on a lot recently about HP Autonomy, it's only because it seems HP has finally cranked up the gears. It's starting to develop Autonomy as an asset rather than looking at it through the lens of the disastrous acquisition process that still hasn’t finished.

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  • HP Autonomy Upgrade Gives IDOL Big Data Muscle

    HP Autonomy (HPA) has just unveiled a new version of its Intelligent Data Operating Layer (IDOL) platform. With this morning’s v10.5 release, HPA takes a further step toward integration of Autonomy technology into the wider HP portfolio. This release provides connectors to elements of HP’s HAVEn big data platform including

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  • Is a Turnaround in Sight for HP?

    Hewlett-Packard CEO Meg Whitman may have managed to turn the fortunes of the struggling information technology giant around. The company's share prices climbed as much as 7 percent  in after hours trading on the strength of fourth quarter financial results that beat analysts’ expectations.

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  • HP Autonomy Unleashes New Data Recovery Vision with Data Protector v8.1

    HP Autonomy (HPA) has just announced Data Protector v8.1 will be available in January. While it comes with a bunch of new features, the real significance of this release will be the introduction of an entirely new way of looking at and implementing data recovery.

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  • HP Autonomy Pushes Aurasma's Augmented Reality To The Cloud

    If HP Autonomy’s augmented reality (AR) application has been attracting a lot of attention since its release in 2011, the announcement this afternoon that v2.5 takes it to the cloud should make it globally accessible to everyone — and grab a lot more attention in doing so.

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  • HP's New Digital Marketing Hub Uncovers Real-Time Customer Drivers

    HP Autonomy is releasing a new marketing analytics hub that it describes as a milestone in its efforts to carve out a larger slice of the marketing analytics pie.

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