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More digital marketing news from HP Discover is the last big piece of release news today.This time it comes in the shape of a major upgrade to theAutonomy content management system TeamSite that will offer marketers advanced capabilities in customer experience management (CXM) and multi-channel digital marketing. 

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TeamSite, as anyone who has been hanging around the Web CMS corner will tell you, has been around for a very long time digitally speaking, and was one of the original Interwoven products before it got gobbled up by Autonomy, which in turn got gobbled up byHP.

But that’s evolution and the version of TeamSite that isbeing unveiled today is a long way down the road from the days of Interwoven.

Even the version that has been available up to today has serious marketing horsepower under the hood. As a Web CMS powered by Autonomy’sIntelligent Data Operating Layer (IDOL) it offers multi-channel content delivery as well as site design and layout.

However, it also is pretty unique in that it integrates advanced search and analytics directly into the platform, which means it can automate intelligence, relevancy calculations, and targeting. It also eliminates the manual processes typically needed to deliver a personalized and relevant experience, Autonomy says.

HP-Autonomy Digital Marketing

The upgrades build on this and bring more elements of the digital marketing lifecycletogether into a cohesive, single system that enterprises can use to act on opportunities quicker than they could previously. The result is more effective and controlled customer engagement.

In this version Autonomy has added a number of technology integrations that provide users with the ability to push content across customer relationship management (CRM), e-commerce, email marketing, rich media management (RMM) and social media applications.

Learning Opportunities

Speaking to CMSWire,Gabriele DiPiazza, VP Marketing at HP Autonomy , who has already outlined the thinking and new elements in the Marketing Cloud, explained what is in this new version of TeamSite.


TeamSite Functionality

Again, like Marketing Cloud, he explained thatHP-Autonomy isexpecting great things withplans for development over the year that should become clearer during the summer.

New abilities include:

  • Mobility: The new version can extend web experience to a range of mobile devicesand using an interface that will already be familiar to TeamSite users, provide what-you-see-is-what-you-get (WYSIWYG) content authoring and publishing capabilities.
  • Usability:The interface has also been significantly upgraded to provide a tailored experience based on website roles like site manager, editor, and creative publisher. iPad users can also manage the entire approval process and preview websites.
  • CRM connector: Enables the capture and movement of leads from an organization's website to its CRM and marketing automation systems.
  • Email marketing: Now supports the creation and delivery of emails to leads, prospects and customers using new lightweight email campaign features. This includes the ability to manage lists.
  • Rich media management: TeamSite has been fully integrated with Autonomy MediaBin, the company’s digital asset management solution.
  • Social media connector: Introduces anew social connector that enables marketers to deliver targeted content relevant to social site.

Tying in with today’s other big news, TeamSite will also be available on the new Autonomy Marketing Cloud as one of the components that comes as a standalone, or as part of the whole package. More from Discover tomorrow.