Autonomy Offers Media Analytics for IDOL With NewsSocial Release #NABShow

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Autonomy is back again -- along with HP of course -- for another product release that continues to expand the use of its IDOL server, this time in the media space where it has introduced what has to be one of the first, if not the first, media monitoring and analytics applications in the media vertical.

Autonomy has also announced a new version ofMediaBin, which now comes as Virage MediaBin 8 adding new functionality to the Rich Media Management platform.

Autonomy, HP

Leaving aside the new abilities that the analytics application NewsSocial 24x7 is bringing to the media space, the release is also interesting from a wider industry perspective.

Everyone is still talking about the US$ 12 billion acquisition of Autonomy last year and the subsequent ouster of Leo Apotheker and appointment of Meg Whitman to the top spot in HP. Whitman at the time said HP would focus on its traditional business areas and avoid moving into areas that it hadn’t really been playing in before.

But with this, Autonomy is pulling HP into theDAM space, which is… well not really HP territory. Yes, HP said at the time of the deal that it would let it work as a standalone company; it’s just an observation, really.

Autonomy's NewSocial 24x7

So what do you get with NewSocial 24x7? Powered by IDOL, the new solution provides in-depth, real-time media monitoring and analytics for all text, rich media voice and voice sources including print, online, blogs, social media and broadcast news.

Anyone who has worked in a news room, or anywhere else that depends on a large number of feeds, pumping data into an information beast will appreciate how useful this actually is.
It's not necessarily just media organizations that depend on this kind of monitoring, but organizations that depend on real-time information -- the other obvious candidate of financial institutions also springing to mind.

Autonomy's NewSocial 24x7 offers real-time conceptual understanding of customer commentary on social media channels, allowing campaigns to be adjusted quickly.

Learning Opportunities

Every day, organizations are exploring new ways to integrate digital assets and video into their web, online advertising, and social media campaigns…However, to do so effectively, they require a solution that can automatically match the right asset with the right customer, in real-time…” said Gerard Brossard, CEO of Autonomy Rich Media Management.

Virage MediaBin 8

MediaBin 8 is the other release from Autonomy today, which also uses IDOL and also aims to give enterprises better insights into their digital assets, whether they are located in internal or external repositories.

With it, enterprises can identify the most relevant digital information for use in the communication channels around the enterprise, including web, social media or online advertising channels.

With Virage MediaBin, organizations can tag and classify rich media assets, regardless of format or language.

It then applies this information to deliver advanced analytics, categorization, summarization, concept clouds, dynamic content associations, content hyper-linking and automation of business processes and workflow.

With this version, MediaBin can use HP Digital Library solutions to provide advanced capabilities, including facial and pattern recognition and logo detection. If you’re at the NAB Show in Las Vegas you can check it out there. One to watch.