Autonomy Interwoven: Meaning Based Computing is the Future of Web CMS

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When Autonomy (news, site) announced its acquisition of Interwoven in late January there were many in the web content management industry who believed it was the beginning of the end for Interwoven TeamSite -- this despite Autonomy's commitment at the time that all Interwoven products would live on according to their existing roadmaps.

Well Interwoven does live on, but the roadmap? It's not quite the same. The existing roadmaps for TeamSite and the other products have been accelerated and the capabilities within TeamSite have taken on new meaning -- meaning based marketing.

CMSWire had the opportunity to talk with Autonomy execs to get a better understanding of what is happening since the acquisition was finalized -- there's been a whirlwind of announcements -- and what it means for the future of Interwoven's TeamSite web content management solution.

There's no question that Interwoven brought to Autonomy two solid revenue streams in web content management and enterprise content management. There's also no question now that Autonomy is keeping both and planning big things with both.

Autonomy Interwoven is the new business unit that covers Interwoven's Web Solutions business, including TeamSite, MediaBin, Optimost, LiveSite, and Autonomy iManage is the new business unit that covers Interwoven's former legal, document management and eDiscovery businesses, including WorkSite, Universal Search, Records Manager.

CMSWire talked with Nicole Eagan, Chief Marketing Officer for Autonomy, and Annie Weinberger -- Director of Product Marketing for Autonomy Interwoven to better understand Interwoven's role within the walls of Autonomy.

Web Content Management with TeamSite

Eagan indicated that there is a lot going on with eDiscovery and the iManage solutions are a nice source of revenue for Autonomy. But she said, Autonomy believes the world is going to look a lot different and that difference is going to be in the web content management area. Autonomy Interwoven sees two ways we are going to see things change:

  1. Retail - the economic downturn is going to fuel and drive eCommerce
  2. Customer Interaction - how we approach our customers on our websites is going to change

What do these two things mean? It means "meaning-based marketing" is coming to the forefront and Autonomy Interwoven is primed to take the lead.

We have seen this so far with the latest Autonomy Interwoven announcements including Autonomy's first TeamSite release post-acquisition when they announced the Idolized-TeamSite. With the combination of TeamSite and IDOL, organizations now have the ability to do meaning based marketing.

The latest versions of TeamSite and MediaBin bring new content types like rich media which can be extended to user generated content and other social media, social networking, sentiments, profiling, segmentation and adaptive targeting.

Turning the Problem Upside Down

Eagan indicated that these new capabilities within TeamSite and MediaBin are enabling organizations to take the problem related to what customers they want to reach and how they will reach them and turning it on its head.

Instead, organizations can now be advised what new segments they should be targeting and how to do that. By bringing analytics right into the web environment -- and Autonomy claims to be the first to do this with Autonomy Interwoven and the integration of IDOL -- organizations can track interactions and get better information and suggestions on how to move forward.

Weinberger, who has been with Interwoven for a number of years, is excited. She says that the Web Experience has always been a manual process which has been difficult and included a lot of guesswork.

Things have now changed with TeamSite. The key is the ability to understand what happening and advise on how to do things to support the right audiences.

Weinberger also says that the product roadmaps have been accelerated due to the acquisition, products are coming out faster with even more capabilities.

New MediaBin Capabilities

Along with the new TeamSite capabilities that we have already covered (Idolized-TeamSite and Mean-based Marketing, the latest version of Autonomy Interwoven's Digital Asset Management solution has been released -- MediaBin. MediaBin has been added to the Autonomy Virage family of products for Enterprise Rich Media Management.

MediaBin adds capabilities such as video and speech analytics from Virage that enable organizations storing assets in MediaBin to automatically encode, index and retrieve them. In addition, MediaBin has also been IDOL-ized, enabling organizations to search the full transcript of audio and video via a web interface.

This integration of IDOL also enables the retrieval of conceptually relevant rich media content from both the organization and the external web easily.

Website Compliance and eDiscovery

While a big part of their focus is on web content management, as Eagan indicated, compliance and eDiscovery are still revenue streams. And they are not being ignored. In fact, they are being combined with web content in some areas.

Learning Opportunities

Autonomy has a solutions offering around Information Governance, a critical component for enterprise organizations. Enterprise need the ability to do policy management -- that is to apply policies to content sources of all kinds aiding in compliance and eDiscovery.

In fact Autonomy supports a cloud-based solution offering through their Zantaz Division -- it's call the Digital Safe. Eagan says that many large enterprise organizations are shifting to cloud-based solutions and that Autonomy hosts over 10 petabytes of data including data from some of the largest financial services institutions.

What may be more important to the web content management audience is that Autonomy is seeing more web content being added to these archives. Beneficial to ecommerce in particular, organizations can get a real-time/point-in-time view of how their website looked when a particular transaction took place.

Although the solution has been available for awhile now, Autonomy is announcing the integration of their Digital Safe with Autonomy TeamSite today. Organizations can add web code, applications, configuration and web content  to the Digital Safe ensuring a complete compliance policy solution for the website.

How Integrated is Integrated?

According to Alan Plez-Sharpe, an analyst for CMSWatch, the acquisition of Interwoven by Autonomy makes sense and the roadmap clearly demonstrates that Autonomy is going to invest heavily in Web Content Management.

What he also indicates though is that Interwoven's TeamSite solution is built on old architecture and code -- it was one of the first solutions out during the dot com boom. So the investment to be made needs to include the upgrading of the code behind the solution, not just the integration of the IDOL technology.

"Real integration of code bases, legacy technology overhauls, the sun-setting of redundant technology and process of moving customers from one stack to another is work that Autonomy will have to undertake at some point."

Is It Enough to be IDOL-ized?

The announcements from the accelerated roadmaps of TeamSite and its related web content management solutions are good indications to Interwoven customers that web content management has a future within the Autonomy fold.

Even more, these announcements are clear indications of where Autonomy Interwoven believes the focus needs to be with web content management -- and that is on the needs of the customer.

The only questions that remain is will the older technology used within the Interwoven product line be infused with enough IDOL strength to keep it going until the products can be rebuilt on new architecture models and is that IDOL strength enough to push Autonomy Interwoven to the front of the pack.