Yet Another Marketing Strategy for Businesses

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Whether or not it’s by way of razzle dazzling Web CMS, Autonomy Interwoven is certainly bent on setting the bar for something. The second announcement from the company this week comes from an entirely different angle, and attempts to woo the hearts of businesses looking for new ways to interact with their customers.  

The Problem

Unstructured data. Those two words alone render some business folk speechless, nervous and fidgety, especially when the monumental amount of social network-bred information that’s exploded onto the Web comes into play. In fact, the story goes that over 80% of the world’s data is unstructured, and businesses are indeed suffering.

From low online conversions and high abandonment rates, declining loyalty and an inability to react to feedback and customer sentiment quickly enough, it’s all a big, virtual mess. There are certainly tools on the rise that attempt to remedy the issue, but Autonomy Interwoven deems them failures in truly connecting with and acting on information across the enterprise.

The Solution

Meaning Based Marketing. Essentially, Autonomy Interwoven will now attempt to extract meaning from all forms of text, rich media, video and audio. The information will then be plugged into over 500 functions that help marketers improve the experience for their customers.

The new vision comes from a mashup of Autonomy’s IDOL’s ability to understand the meaning behind many forms of information and Interwoven’s solutions for optimizing online business performance. The reported hundreds of new capabilities will all aim to power the future of Meaning Based Marketing

Learning Opportunities

"Autonomy provides an order of magnitude increase in the amount and types of information that can be leveraged, as well as the ability to interpret the meaning and act on that information,” said Anthony Bettencourt, CEO of Autonomy Interwoven. “These next-generation solutions will transform how organizations manage customer interaction and multi-channel marketing, enabling both the business and the customer to reach a far greater desired outcome."

And so, without further adieu, the new capabilities:

  • Detect and Act on Customer Sentiment: Businesses can now identify key trends or customer sentiments emerging through blogs, twitter posts, or social networking sites. That information can then be used to build a conceptual profile, and immediate action in response to a problem or to capitalize on an opportunity is expected to follow.
  • Rapidly Segment and Optimize Customer Interactions: TheIDOL-powered Optimost technology can automatically create relevant audience segments and build on these meaning-based profiles over time in order to target customers and optimize interactions
  • Organize, Analyze, and Maximize Rich Media: By now, nobody is a stranger to rich media. Solutions for understanding and cataloguing video, audio, and rich media assets and classifying those assets for targeting and optimization are now available.
  • Understand and Link the Meaning behind Every Customer Touchpoint: Coming into play again is Autonomy's unique IDOL server. The tool can reportedly organize, understand, and scale the constantly growing amount of information that exists in structured and unstructured systems today, including social media, chat, print, email, call center, customer databases, mobile, and other forms of information.
  • Automatically Archive Websites and Dynamic Web Pages: corporate websites and transactions can now be automatically archived and audited to comply with regulations

It all sounds fairly promising, but again, nothing totally unheard of. Perhaps it's still a bit too early to tell whether Autonomy Interwoven has got something gold here, but we're no strangers to the waiting game. For more information on the company's efforts to change marketing, visit their website here