Multivariable Testing and Analytics Now for Web CMS
Less than a month ago Autonomy and Interwoven—the brand new-ish dynamic duo—announced their first brainchild, TeamSite integrated with Autonomy’s Intelligent Data Operating Layer (IDOL) platform. This week, baby got an upgrade.

The Web Content Management Platform now proudly integrates with multivariable testing (MVT) and closed-loop analytics capabilities. The combination reportedly makes it even easier for marketers to create, deliver, optimize and analyze websites.

Setting the Bar(?)

Autonomy Interwoven is the first software provider to offer a Web Content Management solution with such capabilities in a single process and view, which makes them kind of special.

By combining multivariable testing and Web analytics within TeamSite, both businesses and marketers benefit in several ways. On the business end, optimized websites for a better visitor experience and driving online conversions come into play. For marketers, the ability to review analytics data on the performance of their site, create and run tests to determine the optimal site experience and deliver content is available as well. Of course, it’s in being able to perform all of these functions within TeamSite that yields the gold:


  • Increase conversions and online business performance through testing rather than guesswork
  • Make analytics actionable by putting data directly in front of content owners and reducing dependency on IT
  • Accelerate time-to-market to quickly take advantage of new and emerging opportunities that are identified as a result of analytics and testing.

"Today's announcement signals another transformative industry-first,” said Anthony Bettencourt, CEO of Autonomy Interwoven. “By bringing together web content management and website optimization into one interface, marketers are empowered to drive big gains for their business - by identifying and acting on opportunities as they listen and understand what is taking place in the market."

Not So Fast

According to Michele Vivona, Senior Vice President Global Web Strategy at LexisNexis, it’s the foundations of these two new offerings that have made the Web what it is today—rich, interactive and intuitive.

Word across the Web would signal that Vivona is indeed, at least partially correct. There’s been chatter surrounding Web analytics for quite awhile and, more recently, how businesses can best utilize them in order to come out on top in the ROI game. This particular combination of an age-old favorite  with MVT certainly comes at a good time from a good combination of companies, but whether it’s a brand spankin’ new idea is up for debate. After all, Crownpeak offers an analytics tool and Crownpeak Landing Page Manager is most definitely used for testing.

Whatever the case, WCM highlighted by both new and old developments is always a good thing. It deserves this kind of play.

Vivona puts it this way: "I am thrilled to see that Autonomy Interwoven has coupled web analytics and multivariable testing with their web content management system. This combination aims to make the process of optimizing web content faster and easier for marketers, which will mean a better online experience for visitors."

Get Familiar

TeamSite is available for you to test, tinker, and perhaps fall in love with. A series of webcasts and demonstrations about the new capabilities is available within the offering, or you can register for an educational webcast here