HP Autonomy Adds Muscle to its Marketing Platform

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HP continues to build its portfolio today with the launch of Optimost Visual Test (OVT), a new self service A/B/n testing product that builds on the technology it acquired when it bought Autonomy. The technology aims to help marketers identify new opportunities more quickly. 

The introduction of OVT follows last October's launch ofHP Autonomy’s new Digital Marketing Hub (DMH). OVR is, in fact, tightly integrated with DMH and adds considerable muscle to the marketing platform. 

Targets Compelling Content

To find out more about OVT, we asked Sunil Menon, CTO of marketing optimization, HP software, and Kuldeep Misri, product director, marketing optimization, hp software what this release was all about. 

Simply put, OVT enables marketers to identify the most compellingkinds of digital content by market and customer segment, which results in greater engagement with the customer andhopefully better conversion rates and revenues.

While this was the core principle behind the development of DMH -- which was launched last October -- today's release goes one step further, giving marketers the ability to analyze market segments quicker and, consequently, develop and provide relevant content quicker. 

A quick look at the OVT interface gives some idea of its capabilities. It comes with extensive analytics, which accesses and uses data from multiple marketing systems and channels, as well as segmentation and behavioral analytics to identify hidden patterns and emerging trends in customer behavior.

This, in effect, deals with one of the problems thatHP Autonomy identified as a core issue for marketers last October.

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  OVT Dashboard

Digital Marketing Hub

Like many enterprises using marketing analytics, HP Autonomy's clients are trying to work out and improve the yield from conversion rates while developing new strategies. Companies have been relying on historical data to figure out what had happened during particular marketing campaigns, but it has become very hard to answer why what happened, happened. 

For big organizations, the solutionhas been to build large data centers, collect all the data available, employ data scientists to create data models for a particular period of time and hopefully, by doing that, identify what is happening in the market.

This is not practical, however, for short term forecasting or for organizations that don’t have the resources to make these kinds investments. To tackle this problem, HPA developed the Digital Marketing Hub, which offered the ability to provide not just simple market segmentation, but segmentation with behavioral analysis.

OVT is the most recent development in this effort. It has been developed to be easy to use and is based around a "what you see is what you get" (WYSIWYG) interface that enables business users to change web pages without having to contact IT.This means that users can run as many marketing tests as they want without impacting on IT resources. It also bypasses the bottlenecks that are generally associated with testing.

Learning Opportunities

OVT is offered as Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) that includes avisual editing application that lets marketers choose any web page and open it in the design tool to easily create and run tests.

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HP Autonomy's Digital Marketing Hub

OVT Features

According to Misri and Menon, the thinking behind it is that businesses need to be smarter, not louder, with business workers obliged to deliver compelling content to customers on whichever channel the customers are using.

By integrating it with the marketing hub, OVT moves a step beyond traditional testing tools that, to a large extent, compare click counts from one page to another and lack any direct connection to the intelligence capabilities that are offered by HPA’s marketing hub.

Many of them alsolack the ability to work in multichannel environments and are limited to support one of the current channels that their customers might actually be using, like web, mobile, email or social media. Conversely, OVT is a comprehensive tool with a bunch of features that should keep even the most demanding marketers happy.

Among the highlights is a user friendly, customizable interface that lets nontechnical users author A/B/n tests within web pages. It also offers real time advanced analytics through the DMH integration, which enables users to track campaign performance using tailor made KPIs to measure the success of the testing.

This is just the latest step in the development around HPA’s digital marketing hub. OVT is available as of today and comes as a self service SaaS, or as a managed service with the help of a consultant for advanced tuningof testing and optimization.