HP-Autonomy Releases Marketing Cloud ForAgile Digital Marketing  #HPDiscover , cxm, customer experience, digital marketing
While there has been a number of releases already out of Discover, one that is really going to create a stir both inside and outside HP is the new Autonomy Marketing Cloud, which was just made public this afternoon.

CMSWire sat down with Gabriele DiPiazza, who is VP Marketing at HP Autonomy to go through some of the elements of this release and where HP-Autonomy are hoping it will be used.

Autonomy Marketing Cloud

There is an interesting six months ahead for the new Marketing Cloud, but at the moment the roadmap is under wraps until later this summer. For the moment we have a brand spanking new marketing platform that is fully using the capabilities of Autonomy’s IDOL layer.

You will remember that IDOL -- or Intelligent Data Operating Layer -- was the target of the US$ 11 billion Autonomy acquisition that has caused so much fuss in previous months.

But while there will be fuss around Marketing Cloud, at least at face value it looks like it’s the kind of fuss HP needs and while it's muscling into an already crowded digital marketing space, it does have the benefit of IDOL, which is quite a differentiator.

Agile Marketing Cloud

So, what does it do? Simply put Autonomy Marketing Cloud provides organizations with a cloud-based version of Autonomy Marketing Suite, with all the agility and scalability goodness of the cloud.

As well as easy deployment offerings in pure cloud and hybrid flavors, it also offers enterprises the ability to take any of the modules as standalone components and deploy them singly from the HP Cloud.

For those that argued that Autonomy’s technology was taking too long to integrate into the wider HP portfolio, the Marketing Cloud is being offered as part of the HP Converged Cloud, which provides foundation technology and services to enable enterprises to build and deploy IT services across hybrid environments.

Market Cloud Components

There is a huge bunch of applications and tools available on the Marketing Cloud. However, some of the really interesting and useful components include:

  • Digital Experience Management: This provides advanced Web content management, personalization and publishing through Autonomy TeamSite.
  • Marketing Optimization: A new version of Autonomy Optimost that offers multivariate testing, segmentation and targeting.
  • Marketing Analytics: Extensive customer analytics through Explore Cloud, which is powered by IDOL, and offers real-time understanding of customer sentiment.
  • Rich Media Management: Intelligent digital asset management and deep indexing of rich content like video and images.

The HP-Autonomy dynamic is also underlined here through the inclusion of its augmented reality platform, Aurasma. Earlier on in the year when we talked to Autonomy CEO Robert Youngjohns he predicted that Aurasma would be one of the rising stars of the joint portfolio.

With its inclusion in the Marketing Cloud, user will be able to engage audiences through immersive mobile campaigns which, Autonomy says, generating higher click-throughs and higher returns.

The Autonomy Marketing Cloud is available as of this afternoon. More on this soon.