So the reasons behind HP's disappointing Q3 results of US$ 8.9 billion in August were many, with Autonomy said to be weighing HP down. But CEO Meg Whitman was optimistic and said they would continue pushing Autonomy and IDOL. The announcement that it is integrating IDOL into VPI's workforce optimization solutions appears to be the kind of thing she was talking about.

Autonomy, IDOL, VPI

While everyone wondered what would happen to Autonomy with the departure of Mike Lynch, HP ignored the pundits and has just kept pushing it. This deal with VPI shows exactly where it might take the Autonomy IDOL platform.

VPI provides customer experience and workforce optimization solutions and services across large organizations that have a high dependence on interpersonal communications. According to VPI, it already has a large presence on financial trading floors, government agencies and first responders -- those people that respond to emergency calls through 911.

The one single thing that unites all of these different organizations is the massive of amount of unstructured information that passes through them, and that is where VPI is expecting IDOL to work.

With the help of IDOL, VPI says it is looking to understand the meaning in all this mass of information enabling the users to act more efficiently and quickly based on insights gained.

Specifically, it says it will use IDOL to analyze phone conversations, chats, emails, documents, social media, video, images and websites.

Information that comes through large call centers can be automatically classified and tagged using IDOL and VPIs analytics, tagging information that comes through CRM, enterprise resource planning applications, or even CAD solutions

They will also be able to apply speech analytics to any information where there may be the possibility of competitive advantage through recognizing context and patterns, one of IDOL's really strong points.

This means that enterprises can use VPI -- combined with IDOL -- to analyze repeat calls, high value sales and security breaches.


IDOL has been around for a while and another company signed-up to use IDOL might not be that interesting if it wasn’t for the fact that it does provide some insight into where HP is taking the platform.

Michael Chang, senior vice president, OEM and Strategic Accounts for Autonomy says the deal signifies another way IDOL can be used to help organizations.

Notable in the announcement is the fact that VPI intends to use IDOL with its Customer Relationship Management applications, and if VPI can do it so can another other company that is looking to find meaning in its customer interactions.

Not that IDOL hasn't been there already. In March 2010, Autonomy released its own CRM application, Autonomy Explore. This takes all the points of contact between a company and a customer, analyzes them and produces a customer profile that enables businesses to understand not only where their customers are coming from, but also where they are likely to go.

HP has also been looking at applying IDOL to Big Data. Earlier in the summer it pushed its way into the Big Data space through the combination of Autonomy IDOL 10 and HP’s Converged Cloud.

So, think customer experience management, big data analysis and data management, all of which HP is in a position to provide and you get some idea where HP should be taking IDOL.