Autonomy, with a mighty shove from its new owner HP, is the latest company to push its way into the Big Data space through the combination of Autonomy IDOL 10 and HP’s Converged Cloud.

Actually, it's really HP that is making the Big Data announcements; but they are announcements based on Autonomy's IDOL, so it's really IDOL that is moving into the Big Data space.

HP and Autonomy

The announcement that they would be releasing a new joint product underlines HP’s determination to make good on what was one of the most expensive acquisitions in IT when it bought the UK-based information management company for US$ 10 billion.

At the time of the deal, and ever since, there has been a lot of head-scratching around the size of the deal and why HP thought that it was worth the price.

In the meantime, a lot has changed at HP, which we don’t really need to get into here, with even Autonomy’s founder, Mike Lynch, leaving last month.

But HP’s Meg Whitman, who is only in the job a matter of months, has insisted that it’s all under the bridge and that HP is going to make the best of what it has and focus on pulling itself out of a pretty deep hole.

And it intends to do it with products like this one. While the price tag for Autonomy was high, IDOL, its contextual server, would be an asset for whichever company got it. Combined with HP, today’s roll-out looks pretty impressive.

Autonomy and Big Data

The new solution will enable companies to process Hadoop data and pull meaning from it using a new clickstream analytics solution.

It will provide insights into new trends, opportunities and other market essentials contained in the masses of enterprise data now coming into the enterprise as well as analyzing sentiment offer through web clickthrough insights.

But this is IDOL we are talking about, so not only will it be able to analyze and understand the lessons in Big Data, it will also be able to provide context to that data, which is really where IDOL made its name in the first place.

The original goal with IDOL was to design a product that could be embedded into other software platforms; it appears to be successful as at the moment there are currently 400 technology companies with OEM IDOL in their products.

As of today’s announcement, Hadoop deployments can also benefit from IDOL. Users will be able to embed IDOL 10 in each Hadoop node and apply over 500 functions to data including automatic categorization, clustering, education and hyperlinking.

It can also connect that information with other enterprise, or even external, data systems using one of the 400 IDOL connectors that are currently available. The result is the ability to analyze large data sets in context.

Autonomy, IDOL and Customer Aanlysis

Also today, Autonomy announced that it will be extending its marketing platform with the release of a new analytics solution that will provide one view of web visits, conversions and customer engagements.

You may recall Vertica’s acquisition by HP in February last year; well, this product release is a direct result of that. The new product uses the Vertica Analytics Platform and Autonomy IDOL to provide scale, performance, extensibility and understanding of an organization’s information.

Vertica gave HP Big Data analysis after EMC and IBM both bought into the space in the year that preceded the Vertica deal.

The new product, Optimost Analytics, offers marketers access to granular clickstream data, enabling them to aggregate, combine and analyze the information any way they choose.

It also enables them to combine it with unstructured, human information and other third-party data to gain a more complete understanding of customer interests, sentiments and buying patterns.

Autonomy says users will be able to use a new pre-packaged user interface, a third-party visualization technology such as QlikView or Tableau or write their own custom user interface.