While everyone had been expecting speedy action following the Autonomy acquisition, HP’s release today (Tuesday, November 29) of a new platform to process unstructured information based on IDOL has to be a record.

The ink has hardly dried on the US$ 12 billion deal -- in fact it was only officially closed eight weeks ago after all the brouhaha -- and newbie CEO Meg Whitman has only just started articulating her vision for HP, when out pops this new platform.

The announcement was made at HP’s Vienna annual bash, but given the grumpy faces around the HP boardroom table after former CEO Leo Apotheker’s alternative vision for HP saw share prices dropping by as much as 30%, something good really had to come out of the Discover conference, which is underway at the moment.

The result is that HP has extended its Information Optimization offerings; and a lot of offerings there are.

HP, Autonomy, IDOL

Generally speaking and using IDOL, the new platform processes unstructured information like telephone calls, emails and video, as well as the more reliable structured information stored in databases.

No big deal, you think, Autonomy was always able to do that. The difference is that this time it’s combined with HP computing power, and the amount of money HP paid for Autonomy starts making a little bit of sense.

Only a little bit, we say, because HP still has to sell the products and convince enterprises that they won’t be left in the lurch with some new-fangled strategy devised by a new CEO.

And that’s why everyone so far is lovin’ Meg Whitman; she’s told everyone what she thinks, where HP will go and what products they are going to get.

But that’s all by-the way; the key is that by incorporating IDOL into its information management products, HP is going after unstructured information, which also fits in quite nicely with its Big Data capabilities.

HP Next-Generation Big Data

And that is one of the new, major HP + Autonomy upgrades that are on offer. HP has announced that it is integrating the Big Data analytics software it acquired through Vertica in February.

The HP Next Generation Information Platform -- IDOL 10 -- enables organizations to understand and act on a combination of human and extreme information by identifying ideas and patterns in place and in real time.

…Autonomy’s information processing layer with Vertica’s high performance real-time analytics engine allows organizations to analyze 100% of unstructured, semi-structured and structured information in a consistent, uniform way," the company said in a statement.

It has also announced HP Converged Storage, for enterprises that are using Big Data, including the new HP B6200 StoreOnce Backup System, a deduplication appliance that can go through 28 terabytes per hour.And there’s other uses too:

Social Intelligence

HP says it is offering a new Social Intelligence solution that will be able to take information generated in social media channels and makes sense out of it. In particular, it will be able to understand the information and link it, placing it in its proper context, which was one of the really smart abilities of the IDOL server.

IT Management

The IT Performance will now be able to offer operational intelligence to IT departments and give them clear views of what IT assets are available, and what ones are performing. It also automates IT management and adjusts IT performance to meet specific business goals.

Autonomy Appliances

These focus on one of Autonomy’s big areas: Notably archiving, e-Discovery and enterprise search. Using IDOL 10, it will enable enterprises extract metadata from all kinds of data sources.

There’s a lot in these new releases covering the common ground between Autonomy and HP before the acquisition.

Obviously, no one really knows how all these products will work together. However, it all looks good on paper, and for a company that needs to look good at the moment, the announcement of the combined product can only be good for HP.