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AvePoint, an enterprise-strength data protection and management provider for Microsoft SharePoint, has released the Documentum eRoom migration software, DocAve 4.5, as part of its DocAve Software Platform for SharePoint. DocAve 4.5 eRoom Migrator eases the process of content and metadata migration from Documentum eRoom into MOSS 2007 ensuring a quick and cost-effective platform adoption. The DocAve eRoom Migrator module offers an efficient and cost-effective approach to transfer collaborative workspaces and document libraries from Documentum eRoom into MOSS 2007 and Windows SharePoint Services (WSS) v3. This lets SharePoint administrators automate the process of consolidating multiple content sources onto SharePoint, saving time while increasing the return on investment in content already residing in Documentum eRoom. Administrators can also perform seamless, full-fidelity content migration to MOSS 2007 and SharePoint Services version 3. "We have seen a strong impetus, predominately within our Life Sciences and Financial Services customers, to look for a more cost effective alternative to Documentum eRoom for their collaborative document management needs," said John Katzbach, Director of Enterprise Solutions, Entology, Inc. "Certainly MOSS 2007... tops the list. Now, with the release of AvePoint's DocAve 4.5 eRoom Migrator tool and its ability to easily migrate eRoom elements into MOSS 2007 including collaborative workspaces, document libraries, users and security permissions, the justification for our eRoom customers to make the switch is that much easier."

Key Features and Benefits of DocAve eRoom Migrator

* Effective Consolidation of eRoom Content Sources onto SharePoint 2007: DocAve eRoom Migrator reduces content sprawl and improves IT productivity by putting eRoom project databases and other collaborative assets onto a single SharePoint repository. * Maintain Consistent Service Levels Before and After Migration: With optimized mapping of eRoom elements to the associated SharePoint artifacts, things stay in sync better, which lets knowledge workers continue to use their online projects without interruption. * Flexible Deployment and Scheduling: Granular content migration and flexible job scheduling allows administrators to migrate an entire workspace, a document library, or just a single list item. Migration jobs can be planned according to business needs and other organizational timetables as well. There are a variety of DocAve migration modules available. They include: * SharePoint Migrator, which supports migration from MOSS 2003 and WSS v2 into MOSS 2007 and WSS v3 * Exchange Public Folder Migrator supporting selective and incremental migration from Microsoft Exchange Public Folders into MOSS 2007 and WSS v3 * File System Migrator supporting migration from File Systems or Networked File Shares into MOSS 2007 and WSS v3 * eRoom Migrator, which supports migration from Documentum eRoom into MOSS 2007 and WSS v3. With this potent combination of industry technologies, AvePoint may have themselves a winner with their DocAve 4.5 Software Platform. What do you think? Drop us a comment and let us know.