AvePoint, a provider of SharePoint Data Protection and Management software, has released it's newest solution DocAve 4.5 - the first fully integrated suite of data protection, administration, compliance, and migration capabilities for SharePoint 2007. If you have a large SharePoint implementation, this may be the software for you. AvePoint supports the Administration and Management of SharePoint 2003 and 2007, including WSS2.0 and WSS3.0. The graphical user interface for DocAve 4.5 is broken down into four key areas of SharePoint Management and Administration. Along with enhancements to previously existing functionality, v4.5 offers a number of new capabilities:

Backup and Recovery

There are several modules in the Backup and Recovery Section of DocAve 4.5: * Backup and Restore: Real-time backup and full fidelity restore for both 2003 and 2007 - this includes metadata, security, version history and custom layouts. The system can also detect content changes and perform scheduled or on demand full, incremental and differential backups. * Platform Recovery: Designed for 2007 this is a complete platform recovery including including web applications, content databases, search and index servers, and front-end server/file systems. * High Availability: Provides a 24/7 fault tolerant SharePoint environment with "one switch" access to the failover environment. * Trashbin: Built for SharePoint 2003, this is a webpart that provides similar functionality to the Trashbin in 2007. Something 2003 doesn't provide out of the box.

Centralized Administration

* SharePoint Administrator: Provides centralized control to SharePoint 2007 Administrators over the entire environment. You can manage, configure and report on configuration, content and security assets. * Replicator: Also built for 2007, the Replicator provides the ability to perform complete replication of SharePoint components and data across sites or offices. * Content Manager: This component, built for 2003, provides similar functionality as the Replicator for 2007. * Extension Archiver: Including the ability to archive an entire site, the Extension Archiver archives content outside of SQL Server thus reducing the amount of database space and licensing required for a large SharePoint implementation.


* Compliance Archiver: Enables recording and storing audit data, enforces retention policies and ensures regularity policies are followed by enabling searching archived content for legal discovery, audit, and review for 2007. * Auditor: Used for both 2003 and 2007, this module monitors SharePoint content entry and content usage, including searches performed and changes made to security. Note that not all features are available for 2003.


Finally, if you want to migrate to SharePoint 2007 from 2003, Exchange, File System or Documentum eRoom, then there's a migration tool for you: * SharePoint Migrator * Public Folder Migrator * File System Migrator * eRoom Migrator "Corporate dependence on Microsoft SharePoint as the principal document repository and collaboration platform has made it crucial for IT management to be able to centrally manage and control their rapidly growing yet dispersed environments," said Errin O'Connor, Founder and CEO, EPC Group. "Our enterprise customers are constantly looking for reliable tools to be able to easily modify SharePoint settings, permissions, and securities". You don't have to purchase all Modules if you don't want them. It's a mix and match solution suite. Which is probably why you can't get pricing without contacting a sales rep. AvePoint also offers a free tool to help discover and document your existing SharePoint implementation. Called the DocAve Discovery Module, the tool will help you visualize your existing SharePoint 2007 implementation, monitor the servers and services running, explore the topology down to individual item lists and items, and search the environment for assets and content. You can also trial the full DocAve 4.5 suite for 30 days. You can find both downloads on the AvePoint web site. AvePoint isn't the only backup and recovery solution provider for SharePoint, but they definitely offer the most complete and integrated solution. This is the kind of software you should find in your actual ECM solution suite. Luckily for Microsoft, they have partners that fulfill the short comings of the SharePoint product. At this rate, they won't need to put out a new release of SharePoint any time soon.