While AvePoint has been steadily adding to its list of SharePoint management capabilities, it has also been anxious to spread its influence with the spread of SharePoint 2010 in enterprises globally. One way it is doing that is with the new  partnership agreement with Hitachi Consulting.

Hitachi Consulting

Hitachi Consulting is a Microsoft Gold Partner that provides a range of services to Microsoft and SharePoint users to make its deployment for business intelligence, ERP and core infrastructure management capabilities easier.

As such, since the release of SharePoint 2010 last May, it has focused on developing and implementing practical business strategies and solutions for companies that are either migrating to SharePoint 2010 from the 2007 version, or for those companies that have decided to go the SharePoint route, but are not sure how to go about it.

The result of the partnership is that AvePoint gets into companies that, to date, use Hitachi consulting to develop their IT infrastructure, while Hitachi gets to use AvePoint’s thirty-plus SharePoint modules that extend and simplify SharePoint's use in the enterprise.

AvePoint, Hitachi

Combined, the two make an impressive duo for a world that is going SharePoint-crazy. And  there is much evidence that supports the idea that everyone is using SharePoint 2010. In February, for example, you may recall that we found figures that showed up to 44% of companies were either using it, or at least considering it.

The research, carried out by Global360, indicated that, since September last, use of SharePoint 2010 has jumped from 8% to its current level, being a 5 times increase in a matter of months.

Running alongside these figures is also anecdotal evidence that suggests many companies are finding SP 2010 not only difficult to deploy, but also difficult to use. It is here that the Hitachi element comes in.

While SharePoint offers the possibility of connecting people, processes and enterprise-wide information, Hitachi provides analysis of their needs and identifies the best way possible for SharePoint 2010 to cater to them.

AvePoint, SharePoint

This makes the AvePoint partnership particularly useful. It’s impossible here to list all the different ways AvePoint’s DocAve  platform works with SharePoint, but overall, the modules, which can be deployed individually, offer infrastructure management and protection for SharePoint content.

And it is also a company that doesn’t tend to let the grass grow under its feet. We still don’t, for example, have a date for the release of Office365, but already AvePoint is offering beta support for it even though generally speaking, most companies still aren’t even sure what Office 365 will do.

It has also developed solutions for the messy task of migrating content from SharePoint 2007 to SharePoint 2010, making the whole process a lot less messy, and has not restricted itself to Microsoft software, as it recently announced the release of a migration tool for taking Lotus Notes content to SharePoint 2010, too.

It’s still not clear exactly what services will be offered with this partnership, but that’s more than likely because, combined, the two can probably adapt to whatever problem it is you are trying to resolve.