AvePoint,SharePoint Management
Not all vendors out there believe that you should be able to move back and forth between Lotus Notes and SharePoint. AvePoint, provider of SharePoint infrastructure and administration management solutions, continually brings to market migration tools to move content from another product to SharePoint. Their latest migration tool is the DocAve Lotus Notes Migrator.The DocAve Lotus Notes Migrator lets you easily move content from Lotus Notes to either Windows SharePoint Services 3.0 or SharePoint Server 2007. It’s not an all or nothing migration either. Some of the benefits of the new Lotus Notes Migrator include: * Migration of a single type of content into a SharePoint document library or list, a single item of content, or an entire Notes database. So you don’t have to move everything at once. * An automated approach to migration allows you to link up content from Notes to specific libraries or lists in SharePoint. * The assurance of full-fidelity which means all security is kept intact, all metadata is moved appropriately and users can continue to work without interruption. * The ability to schedule migration activities The DocAve Migrator for Lotus Notes is just one migrator in a suite of migration tools. Other migrators in the DocAve Suite include: * SharePoint Migrator to move from SharePoint Portal 2003 to the last version of SharePoint * eRoom Migrator for Documentum eRoom * Exchange Public Folder Migrator * File System Migrator So while other vendors like Mainsoft are providing integration tools that allow you to use SharePoint content inside of Lotus Notes, AvePoint continues its mission to move content out of applications like Notes and other ECM products into SharePoint.