It’s been a good week for SharePoint migration, especially for those looking to migrate to SharePoint in Office 365, so it’s appropriate that we close the week with one more migration tool, this time from Axceler (news, site)  which has released FileLoader for SharePoint 2010.

There’s no talk here of Office 365, just a migration tool that enables IT managers to move files that have been stored in Windows file shares into SharePoint 2010.

FileLoader, ControlPoint

The release of FileLoader now is timely for Axceler as it just upgraded its SharePoint governance application recently to ControlPoint 4.2, which offers analysis and reporting capabilities using Silverlight, along with the ability to manipulate report data, create custom views and generate graphical tabbed reports.

If you add FileLoader to that, Axceler says, any enterprise that needs to move files can do so, knowing that all its SharePoint environment is going to be governed by whatever rules the enterprise decides to apply, while the movement of files into that environment will be quick and accurate, taking necessary data in the file, or about the files, with it.

FileLoader Migration

FileLoader provides one platform for sharing files, along with version control and workflow capabilities, document retention abilities, better search results and security. With it, errant files can be pulled into the ControlPoint sphere and governed like all other files.

One of the most common reasons companies delay a migration to SharePoint 2010 is because of the need to move key content from file shares that may have been around a long time. Enterprises also ask for the ability to analyze and structure this content to work with the new Managed Metadata Service capabilities of SharePoint 2010, and we are excited to expedite the migration to SharePoint 2010 with this product," said Michael Alden, President and CEO, Axceler.

Ok, so "excited" may not be quite the word we’re looking for, but you get the idea. One of the biggest problems hindering the deployment of SharePoint 2010 has been problems around moving data safely without it being lost, or compromised.

FileLoader Features

FileLoader takes the worry out of that, Axceler says. It does this, first, by enabling enterprises to create an Excel "control" file that outlines the file shares and enables file administrators to clean up whatever files need to be cleaned, and apply new metadata where it is needed. It then offers three ways of migrating them:

  1. Moving the files as they are, keeping the existing file structure
  2. Reorganizing them manually before sending them into a new SharePoint layout
  3. Migrating them iteratively, which allows file cleaning and sorting on a user-defined schedule

The result is a number of benefits that should make migration less heartbreaking, including:

  • Fewer errors in the migration process
  • Mapping to content types
  • Adding or maintain metatags to make the content easier to find
  • Scheduling file migrations
  • Maintaining historic and source information, and folder structures

There’s more to this than that, but Axceler has been working around SharePoint from the outset, so you’re also getting the benefit of a company that has some experience in this field.

It has also developed, for example, Davinci Migrator, which migrates content from SharePoint 2003 and SharePoint 2007, and which has picked up a couple of awards along the way.

If you’re interested in more on FileLoader, there is an online demo that will take you through it from beginning to end after signing up. Happy migrations!