This week there is upgraded SharePoint governance from Axceler, Xerox looks at the value of technology in law firms, Clearwell offers an e-Discovery game on Facebook to match Farmville, Bridgeway upgrades its enterprise management suite and Epiq buys Encore.

SharePoint Governance with Axceler

With SharePoint, governance is always a problem, so there are a number of solutions on the market that aim to offer that, especially since the release of SharePoint 2010. The latest release on this front is the upgrade of Axceler’s (news, site) ContolPoint to v.4.2, which offers interactive analysis and reporting for SharePoint, as well as new permissions and security features.

Specifically, ControlPoint 4.2 offers analysis and reporting capabilities using Microsoft’s Silverlight, along with the ability to manipulate report data, create custom views and generate graphical tabbed reports.

It also offers the possibility of analysis of SharePoint 2010 Managed Metadata in lists and libraries, as well as policies to intercept user actions such as creating content so that administrators can, for example, block the creation of content before it happens.

Axceler has made a name for itself managing SharePoint. It released ControlPoint 4.0 last year, which provided a number of administrative capabilities including permissions management, activity and storage analysis and governance policies. With V.2, it keeps up the momentum. Worth checking out if you’re worried about SharePoint in your enterprise.

Xerox Examines Technology in Legal Firms

While there has been a lot of talk particularly in recent months about the advantages of GRC software, it is still hard to quantify it.

However, Xerox (news, site), which obviously has an interest in this, has released the results of a survey across the legal profession that does seem to suggest that technology is a big time -- and money -- saver.

According to the research, 72% of those surveyed who use Automated Document Classification (ADC) solutions saved time, with 64% saying it was more cost-efficient. A further 46% said it improved accuracy.

That said, less than one-third of the attorneys asked said they have used ADC solutions to classify documents. For those who don't use ADC, more than one-third said it's because of concerns over the cost and resources.

All of those surveyed agreed that it's important to limit the number of documents that need to be reviewed and the time spent reviewing them without compromising accuracy. Almost half (42%) of legal professionals agree that technology is the key to improving document review. The survey was conducted by Acritas Research in October and November 2010.

Farmville or E-Discovery?

We’re not trying to suggest here that the people over at Clearwell (news, site) are no fun, but when it comes to e-Discovery, you just don’t associate them with games, in particular online games.

Clearwell has released what has to be the first ever social  e-Discovery game called e-Discovery World, which marks the company’s first foray into social gaming.

Available on Facebook, Clearwell’s newest project enables gamers to issue legal holds to pixelated custodians, collect documents relevant to a case and then process, analyze, review and produce those documents with a few mouse clicks or finger swipes.

With the release of e-Discovery World, Clearwell has merged the pastime of social gaming with the critical business process of electronic discovery.

As each phase of the workflow is completed, gamers earn experience points and accrue cost savings for the company. Novice gamers start with virtual documents, but level up to unlock live documents from some of their organization’s more pressing and time-sensitive cases.

Surveys indicate that today’s attorneys spend hundreds of thousands of hours each month playing social games,” said Sean Wilcox, senior director of product marketing at Clearwell Systems. “e-Discovery World channels those energies in a way that benefits both attorneys and the public at large. Why waste time growing fake crops in FarmVille when you can be billing upwards of $400 an hour to process and review real documents in e-Discovery World?“

Need we say more?

Oh, it is an April 1 announcement -- but the game actually exists on Facebook and has a lot of scores up already. If it's Clearwell's idea of a joke, it's a sophisticated one.

Bridgeway Upgrades Suite

Meanwhile, Bridgeway (news, site) has released the latest version of its legal enterprise management suite. Available immediately, and consisting of eCounsel, Secretariat, Smart Invoice and Corridor, Suite 8.4 now includes significant enhancements to its tax processing capabilities including worldwide tracking, processing and recovery functionality, as well as improved workflow to speed and execute tasks
Specific enhancements to Suite 8.4 include:

  • Tax tracking, processing, and recovery
  • Streamlined workflows
  • Subsidiary ownership auto-creation

Bridgeway is focused on improving usability within its matter and entity management systems, namely providing international tax support and greater checks and balances for compliance. This is just the latest update in a long line of developments aimed at streamlining data use and making data management easier.

Epiq Buys Encore

Epiq System (news, site) has acquired Encore Discovery Solutions for US$ 100 million cash. With this transaction, Epiq aims to strengthen its worldwide e-Discovery portfolio. The transaction has closed and was funded from the company's credit facility.

Based in Phoenix, Encore Discovery Solutions provides products and services for electronic evidence processing, document review platforms and professional services for project management, data collection and forensic consulting.

Epiq Systems has previously prioritized the identification of e-Discovery candidates with both compatible business strategies and complementary financial profiles as potential targets. In this respect, Encore represents a natural extension and an attractive market share expansion. Epiq also says it will make both solution sets from both companies available to enterprises.